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Content Writer

Job Description :

Do you have a flair for writing and a love for technology combined with never ending curiosity? If you do, you’re the writer we are looking for. As a writer at Jointviews, you will have to work with a variety of content in different domains. At the core of each writing activity would be simple, error-free language, elaborate research and originality.

Content writing is not just about typing words on a document. It is also about understanding the audience on each different platform like facebook, linkedin (and other social media), website, and having knowledge and awareness about digital marketing strategies. A good web content writer should have good understanding of SEO, and presentation (graphics, UI).

As a content writer, your responsibility will include

  • Writing different types of blogs, In-depth Insights (market research), social media posts, infographics content, landing pages, video scripts, In-house news, ad banner content etc
  • Talking to developers to understand the software process and progress, and translating them to layman’s language.
  • Coordinating with graphic designers to present content visually in the best possible way
  •  Coordinating with web designers and developers to present the website content in best possible way
  • Brainstorming with animators to come up with creative ideas before preparing the script
  • Looking at website content and making periodic updates
  • Coordinating with SEO specialists to Select, plan and organize content on websites
  • Ensure error-free content that provides value to users
  • Do extensive research when required and come up with creative ideas
  • Understand the effect and value of your content by looking at analytics
  • To be a team player
  • Constantly look for new content trends, discuss and decide what is effective for the website and follow through till implementation
  • Follow through every content you create till they go live on website

Content is essentially the lifeblood of any website. There are different shades or roles to content. It is the job of the content you create to attract, engage and convert visitors. So, a love for business and understanding of sales is added benefit as a writer

Skills Needed

  • Ability to write compelling, creative and original content
  • Adaptability to different forms of content
  • Tech-savvy
  • Strong research
  • Understanding of SEO
  • Understanding of good design and usability
  • Organizational abilities
  • Exceptional communication
  • Ability to keep your eye on the prize and get things done
  • Editing & proofreading
  • Undying curiosity and passion

It is difficult to have all the skills required to be a great content writer when you are starting out just like any other profession. But with experience and a mind open to learning, you can master the required skills and become an expert.

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