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Social Media and its evolution into an effective digital marketing medium have changed the face of marketing big time.

At present social media marketing is not just confined to posting and sharing content out there. There are a variety of tools which helps users to retrieve data of their choice from the internet and assist them in creating effective marketing strategies and campaigns.

But what was the reason behind the invention of such tools?

Listening to the audience is crucial for any marketing business. It became impossible at a point of time owing to the vastness of the internet.  As a result, there was a desperate need for an innovation. Thus, social media monitoring tools were born.

Also called social media listening tools, they have great potential if used correctly. They can be the driving force and lucky charm behind your decision making in business.

Modern tools are much more advanced and integrated than it used to be. They can incorporate insight as well as analytics to come up with promising marketing strategies.

People often get confused while choosing a social media monitoring tool as there are plenty of them.

Even though monitoring tools like, HootSuite,  Keyhole, Google Alert, Klout etc. are famous nowadays. There are others which are considered as effective by many.

Let’s go through an infographic to know about the most effective tools in the market.