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‘Less is more’ is the thumb rule of marketing.  There is no better way than a video to convey your brand message in lesser time with a deeper meaning to a broader audience.

Videos are the best marketing tool for small businesses. It has high ROI and a better reach. With many marketers vying for the small internet space, videos are a useful tool to make your presence felt online.

There is no denying the fact that video marketing is one of the newest entrants in the promotion mix, something that gained popularity after the advent of digital marketing. However, small marketers still have many doubts before venturing into video marketing.

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Is it worth the time and effort to consider using videos for promotion or not? Do I have enough resource to create one?  Such questions regularly pop up in their minds to which they do not always get a satisfactory answer.

Here are 10 reasons why video marketing is a profitable way to promote business for small business owners and how they can use it to their advantage.

1. Videos generate trust:

Based on building relationships, video marketing works on the simple fact that ‘Action speaks louder than words.’ When you convey your message to your audience through a video, you establish an emotional connection with them.

Videos give you the flexibility to capture the sentiments of your audience. Therefore, it empowers you to build a long-term relationship with your clients.

2. Boost conversion:

Yes, videos boost conversion by 80%. When you add a product video to your landing page, it helps your viewers make an instant and informed decision. They make the purchase which eventually increases your conversion and your sales.  It is, therefore, a wise decision to add videos to your promotion box and consider it more of an investment rather than an expense.

3. Google finds it easily: Ever searched for ‘How To’ on Google observed the striking results it offers. It is because Google loves videos and display them instantly when someone searches for it.

Videos, when embedded on your website or present via a Youtube link, have a higher chance of drawing customers to your website. This results in more traffic and more ROI.

4. Videos are self-explanatory:

While website content and blogs can sometimes be long to read, videos engage a customer for a few seconds to a minute to explain the concept.

Consider a new product you have just launched and want to inform customers about the same, which option you would choose, a blog or a video. Certainly creating a video works like 98% users say that they watch an explainer video to learn about a product or service.

5. Easy to share on social platforms:

When we talk about viral content, it is always the video that comes to our mind. Videos score over any other marketing tool when it comes to create viral content. Since videos are easy to share on social platforms and also on platforms such as Whatsapp and Hangouts, it has a wider reach and chances of more people viewing it are always high.

Today, more than 60% of social marketers make use of video content to convey their message and finds it more effective than any other marketing tool.

6. Improves search engine rank:

We all love to watch videos, and it is a great tool when it comes to sales and conversion. It is also good for how search engine evaluates your website.

With tools like Google Analytics, you can check the number of times visitors accessed your website and how long they stay by checking the bounce rate. You will observe a stark difference in the bounce rate and other parameters after you have implemented your video marketing strategy.

7. It makes you look modern:

Video marketing is considered as the latest and the most advanced marketing tool. When customers saw your product or brand video, they perceive your company as one with a modern approach. They appreciate businesses which are up-to-date and want to associate with such companies.

8. Videos are still not used by many small businesses:

Accept it or not, there are marketers who despite knowing the importance of video marketing, are not using it in their promotion mix. This gives you an advantage over other small businesses and even your competitors. You can create your niche with the help of videos and customers will remember you for a long time because of your video marketing strategy.

9. Power of Live videos:

Everyone is using Live streaming via Periscope or Facebook Live. Although a bit difficult and not everyone’s cup of tea, it is still prevalent among business owners and celebrities. The most significant benefit is it encourages people to engage and post comments. It instantly involves people as they can see response to their comments. It becomes easy to reach your target audience with such a tool.

10.Video appeal to mobile users:

Mobile phones and videos go hand in hand. Most of the consumers watch videos on their mobile, and since the number of mobile users is increasing, videos will gain more popularity.

Tying It All Together

Video advertising has now become more widespread and affordable too. It has a global reach and has the potential of reaching every consumer, be it any location, age and interest group. The key however still lies in creating an enticing video with precise content. It requires a creative mindset and knowledge of human psychology to create a video.

Small business owners should make it an integral part of their business promotion and use it to the maximum of their advantage.