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The demand for Email Marketing Services is increasing day by day. Unfortunately, many of the marketers are unaware of the ABC of email marketing.

If you’re a marketer, you should know the fact that your email marketing database is getting corrupted by about 22.5% every year.

It is not unusual that email addresses of your contacts’ vary as they move from one company to another or sometimes when they unsubscribe your email list. Change of their old AOL address which is used to fill in forms on sites can also affect your email list.

Adding fresh contacts to your email marketing campaigns in a regular manner helps you to have an upper hand in your business. (Make sure you never enhance your email marketing by purchasing email lists.)

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Here are 11 amazing ways to grow your email list, if you’ve run out of ideas to do so.

Some simple ways to build your Email Marketing List

Via Email

  1. Create incredible email content

Why should you create remarkable content? It’s simply because people stay subscribed and forward your email to their friends and colleagues only if your content is interesting. Remember, these friends and colleagues will be new to your email list.

  1. Push your existing email subscribers

Try to include social sharing buttons, “Email to a Friend “button in your marketing emails. This will drive your existing email subscribers to share and forward your emails to friends and colleagues. Sometimes these friends and colleagues might sign up for your email list and you will get access to fresh networks.

  1. Online contest rewards you

Promoting an online contest will attract online users. New members begin to sign up using their email address (Make sure you promote your content on social!)

  1. Make use of multiple email subscription types

It’s quite natural that email recipients click through emails that have been targeting them. So, if you can create multiple email types, the visitors might get attracted to any one of them and there is a chance for subscription.

  1. Refresh unnoticed email list

If you have an ineffective older email list try to refresh it with an opt-in campaign. Think about sending an engaging opt-in message to your older list in order to bring back interested contacts.

Make sure you remove all contacts who don’t respond. It may sound unreasonable to remove people from your email records as a move to improve your email list. Keep in mind, emailing only active contacts can improve your deliverability.

  1. Linking employees’ email signature

If you can add a link, directing people to your mailing list it will benefit you in the long run. Consider adding that link to your employees’ email signatures, so that people will be tempted to sign up for your mailing list.

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With Fresh Content

  1. Try lead generating offers

Lead generating offers like free ebook, whitepaper etc. can attract visitors. Create such lead generating offers and allow visitors to download it by simply submitting their email address.

  1. Via free online tools or resources

As people always search for online tools, you can offer a free online tool in order to improve your mailing list. Let the visitors use the tool for free, by just providing their email address.

With Social Media

  1. Promote a lead generating offer via Twitter

Promote an ebook via a Twitter campaign, so that your followers can access it by submitting their email address.

  1. Promote one of your top offers via Facebook page

Obviously, promoting offers via Facebook page will attract a huge audience. Make sure you add enough social sharing buttons to encourage your audience to share your offers that requires an email address.

  1. Adding call- to- action button

A call- to- action button on your Facebook business page gives you room to improve your email list. Create a link to the call-to-action button in such a way that requires an email address for access.