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Why is Blogging the Best Form of Content Marketing?

4 years ago on

Why is Blogging the Best Form of Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the mantra for modern marketers. But without interesting content, marketing via content is toothless. People follow brands on social media owing to interesting content (you might already know this)

You might be thinking about the best medium to publish attractive content. Here are some facts that may give you an answer. You know, Blogs have some 329 million readers globally. In fact, blogs are approximately 240 million in number. This is why millions of brands rely on Content Marketing Services for blogging.

Social Media Reach is Waning

You might know that Google has changed their algorithm over the past year. This makes troubles for even Content Marketing Services to keep up.

Facebook and Twitter also changed their algorithm following Google. So, social media strategies of businesses do not work anymore.International Business Times reported that Facebook’s organic reach has declined from 16% to 2% because of the new algorithm change.

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Ads Is Useful, But Not Much

So, what’s next, if social media reach is declining. Will it be good to depend on banner ads? A recent study reveals that clickthrough rates are only 0.1% and 50% of clickthroughs are accidental.

The ads, via print media are not that useful, as it doesn’t provide engagement.

Additionally, you may get surprised knowing that 70% people learn about a brand via blogs.

Compelling images increase blog readership

It’s good if you can add attractive images to your blog content. A research by the MDG advertising company shows, 94% blogs are get noticed owing to their content with compelling images. Also, keep in mind; search engines prefer images with text. It gives you room to highlight your keywords on images.

Blog promotion with videos, and vice versa

A research by Content Marketing Institute says “Blog promotion via video was a popular online marketing strategy over the past 2 years”. Since online videos have more popularity, you can use videos to promote your blog and vice versa. Customer testimonials, quick tips etc can be demonstrated via videos.

Post your videos on social media in such a way that links back to your blog.

More information to start blogging

If you are not confident enough to start blogging, we are going to tell you some more aspects of blogging.

Reputed brands reveal that if you can generate 15 blogs per month, you might get 1,200 leads, at least. Companies create blogs in order to improve their SEO.The interesting factor is that blogging can improve inbound links by 97%. Google checks inbound links while ranking.

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Some more aspects to start blogging

  • Be a smart leader:Blogs are the best medium to start an interactive relationship with your customers. It will help you to show your customers that you care about their needs and trying to provide quality products and services. You can remain as a trusted resource by sharing your expertise via blogs. Communication with your customers via hashtags and reply to feedback will increase the reliability of your brand.

  • Know your audience:You can judge the interests of your audience using blog analytics. Like analytics you can rely on other tools to gather information about your website, blogs and social media channels.

  • Improve your skills:To gain customer loyalty, you should stay live in the competition. Blogging is the medium to stay live in content marketing, because you constantly search for trends and news to attract your audience. When you write blogs for your business, you focus on more aspects to improve your business strategy.

There’s no further explanation needed for blogging. The advantages of blogging are indisputable. It’s time to generate more leads for your brand. So, what are you waiting for! Start blogging today with the help of Content Marketing Services

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