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5 Content Marketing Trends that Businesses Need to Know in 2017

Content Marketing is becoming a part of core marketing strategy for businesses across sectors and regions. 88% of B2B marketers admit to using content marketing. The field of content marketing is still evolving and there is a lot of change happening. So, here are the Top 5 game changers that will shape content marketing for small businesses in India as well as the big brands:

  • Video Content will be preferred

The Cisco Visual Networking Index has forecasted that video will account for almost 70% of consumer internet traffic by 2017. According to Nielsen, 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in coming years.

There is a growing popularity of video content among st users and the same will be reflected in the content businesses and brands put out. Videos are more engaging, convey a lot in less span of time and have a greater tendency to be shared on social media. This trend of more content in video format is going to continue this year.

  • Taking Matters into own hand

As more business realize the importance of a growing audience that comes back for great content, they will start building this audience themselves rather than relying on social media and other platforms.

Recent and frequent changes in Facebook and YouTube algorithms have highlighted the importance of having a loyal following even outside of these platforms. Facebook has recently made changes in its algorithms that give preference to posts shared by friends of users over those shared by brands. This means that getting to your potential customers is that much harder as the direct line of communication is now broken.

These and many more changes have made brands look for other options like mails, apps and even print magazines to directly connect with users.

  • Quality Content

As the users are bombarded with plethora of content, only the ones with good quality and niche content will get their due. Nobody wants to consume bad quality content in this age of shortening attention span. Even if the content quality is good, users do not waste their time watching something to which they do not connect or agree with.

The content consumption market is now at a stage where we will see specialization of content. This means content marketers will look for and try to chase niche markets. Differentiation of content market can be on various factors like region (urban/ rural), ideologies, demographics, habits and interests etc.

This is the reason why there is increasing demand for content marketing agencies for start ups and small businesses.

  • Mobile will Rule

This one is a no brainer. We have seen in the end of 2016 that Mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop Internet usage for the first time in history. In this light, all content that is developed has to suit audiences browsing on mobile. The length, tone, call to action in the content will change accordingly. A lot of content will also be distributed through mobile apps.

  • User generated content

2017 will see a rise in user generated content. Product users and early adapters posting their reviews is a great example of user generated review. People are more prone to trust third party users just like themselves and hence, we see the rise of subscriptions for review channels. The role of bloggers, reviewers and YouTube stars is going to be more prominent in coming year. It is not about putting articles online anymore; but, about managing users and user influencers.


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8 Types of Digital Content

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8 Types of Digital Content Created by Content Marketing Agencies

Your blogs might have been to be a hit among the audience in the past with lots of user traffic, visitors etc. But then, the pace remained the same forever or a bit slower with visitors leaving your site on a daily basis.

What could have gone wrong? Of course! They got bored of the same type of content you kept on giving them.

Being creative is now the only way for your content to get notified. Try a different type of digital content and there, you’ll get to see your site buzzing with visitors.

However, it shouldn’t stop here. Keep trying different types of content from time to time to help your business thrive.

Here’s a list of different types of digital content created by content creation agencies, for you to choose from:

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Long form blogs

So, what are long form blogs?  Some claim that those blogs with a word count of may be 1500 words while some say that long-form blogs are those with a word count of about 3500 words.

Whatever, the truth is, the idea is to create an article that goes on until you get tired of scrolling. Long form content has always been there; but, it started getting noticed only by 2013-2014.

It has now become the most popular style among bloggers. Long form blogs have become much popular these days because:

Google said it: According to Google, longer content contain more information and therefore, helps solve many queries of the audience at once. Also, some SEO experts suggest that long form blogs rank better in Google search results.

Popular bloggers said it: Bloggers, big and small, have been suggesting for a while that long form blogs are important.

Short form blogs

Short form blogs are those with maximum word count of 1000 words. The fact that short form blogs have lesser word count, that may go down to 250 words or lesser, can make it less popular in SEO.

Therefore, it’s important the blogs being short, should also be precise and unique. The content should be good enough for the audience to stop and take notice.


Digital content in the form of video gives you a large variety of choices. Regardless of the type it is, a good video always remains etched to the audience’s memory.

If a video is done well, it can be extremely compelling. The duration of the video depends on your requirements (it can be educational, business, marketing). You can check out this blog for using video in your marketing or promotional campaign.


Podcasts are digital audio files that are used to share information through computers or any portable music devices such as MP3 players or iPods.

Businesses usually use podcasts to share information regarding their new products, about the company or about the general happenings in the industry.

Podcasts provide an insight to the audience about how much a business knows about the industry, thus helping to build trust among them. Also, the audience feel directly connected to the business as they get to hear the voice of the presenter.

Podcasts are affordable compared to other marketing technique as the location of creating podcasts do not matter, be it an office or home.

All it needs is a computer, a microphone and software to edit the recordings. Remember, regular podcasts can help your business in attracting your target audience, thus helping to build brand awareness.  You can even publish the podcast transcript, thus, adding to the SEO value.


Social media content

Majority of people around the globe use various social media platforms due to which they have found a place in the marketing strategy.

You may not find another medium to reach your content to the audience  in a short span of time and the benefit is that, you get to connect directly with your potential customers.

Remember, your content must say more about your brand while keeping the audience interested. Keep reminding them about what you offer. After about five to six exposure, the audience will surely feel compelled to go for your products.


Copywriting is the process of writing advertising materials such as blogs, newsletters, marketing campaigns etc. The words should be persuasive enough for the audience to take an action, thus driving traffic to your business website. Effective copywriting includes:

  • Attention grabbing headlines that compel the audience to click the link to read further
  • Content that provides just the information that the reader needs
  • Interesting content that helps the audience to easily connect with your business, while building trust and brand recognition
  • Content that tells the audience what to do next, such as signing up for newsletters, click a link to visit a website, social media page etc.

You can implement your own copywriting strategy for promoting your products and services to the right audience. You can use Definitive Guide to Copywriting by Quicksprout as your reference material.


Infographics refers to the visual representation of information. The fact that visuals tend to stay in people’s minds than text works in favour of infographics.

As a result, infographics is the most shared content compared to other digital content types. Infographics can include anything such as general information, data, statistics etc.

Almost everyone is making infographics these days and therefore, it is important to be creative with your infographics for audience to take notice.

You can also create gifographic, which is a type of infographic, but contains animated GIF images instead of static images like in normal infographics.


E-books consist of large content of a minimum word count of 10,000 words, in PDF format and are downloadable. An e-book gives an insight of your knowledge about an industry and is the most effective way of sharing your knowledge with others.

While creating an e-book, make sure that the content is divided into topics making it easier for the users to read. Remember, your e-book’s title plays an important role in the audiences’ decision regarding downloading your e-book. Therefore, make sure that the title is catchy and relevant.

An e-book with just texts is usually considered not worth reading. Therefore, try to include graphics and make sure that the e-book’s content is formatted well to grab attention.

It is always best to create both PDF and HTML versions of your e-book. You can add video and audio to the HTML version.


Rather than using one type of digital content for all of your marketing campaigns, you can use different types as mentioned earlier.

These days, content marketing agencies try to experiment with their content with the aim of attracting target audience, increase engagement, and share to others.


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What Is Content Curation How Is It Relevant To Digital Marketing

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What Is Content Curation? How Is It Relevant To Digital Marketing


Content curation is an art of collecting, analyzing, organizing, and displaying relevant information that can boost traffic to your website.

Content marketing is one of the key strategies any digital marketing agency offers. With the release of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, digital marketers, as well as website owners have become very careful in maintaining their website with fresh, informative and search engine friendly content.

Content curation is an ideal way to attract targeted traffic to websites. To make it simple, Wikipedia explains content curation as the process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest.

In this form of content marketing, a publisher collects the best content related to a specific topic and targeted to a specific audience. Then, that content is enhanced by adding personal opinions and expertise. This unique content that includes your personal insights can help readers understand why the information you’re citing is valuable and relevant to them.

This form of content has incredible benefits for credibility and brand awareness. Promoting the insights coming from your original content helps to facilitate a stronger relationship with your content consumers – encouraging them to come back to your organization as a source for quality content and a richer experience when navigating through the web. It also gets you ranking for both long and short tail keywords.

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Types of curated content are – Aggregation (collection of relevant information on any topic in a specific location), Distillation (curating information into a more simplistic format only with relevant ideas), Elevation (identifying a larger trend or insight), Mashups (merging existing content is used to create a new point of view) and Chronology (gathering information on a particular topic for a specific period of time).

Done properly, content curation can be an excellent piece of your content marketing services campaign. Digital marketing agencies can provide services from experienced content writers to help businesses with content curation.

Tips for including content curation into your content marketing strategy:

  1. Publish curated content in the form of social media blog posts as well as email newsletters
  2. Avoid duplicate content. The more unique content you add, the better the content will perform in search engines, and the safer you’ll be with regard to future algorithm changes.
  3. Avoid promotional stuff. Include informative content.
  4. While curating content, link only to high-quality sites. Less trustworthy sites can impact your performance in search engine rankings.
  5. Target your audience. Add value to the reader. Unless your audience likes the content, they’re not going to share it.
  6. Take permission to add content from curation sources and build a relationship with them that can maximize your reach and value.

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Top Content Curation Tools for 2015

  • Pressly – This is a smart online platform that helps to aggregate the right content for your audience and establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Scoop.it – This tool will not only generate the most relevant articles to view and share, but it will also include complementary topics. This tool can not only get to curate content but you are also put in connection with other content curators, which helps to gain insight from leaders in various fields.
  • TrapIt – This “intelligent” tool allows marketers to set up content collections–called “traps”. It delivers a constant feed of real-time, relevant content based on these trapped topics and how you interact with the content.
  • Feedly – This RSS feed is ideal to curate blog content that can be used as resources for future posts or give you great ideas for upcoming content. Free for the basic service, this is an easy to use tool .

An established digital marketing agency with relevant experience in the field can help your business find right source of information online and personalize it, thus attract more readers and improve your brand awareness in short time.

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Importance of Strategy in Content Marketing

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Importance of Strategy in Content Marketing

Online businesses must understand the importance of strategic marketing, if they want to stand out. Without it, there will be no structure to the business. To hook the customers, a digital marketing agency has to maintain strategic focus. Proper planning and clarity in goal setting are vital in any type of business. The following aspects can be implemented to improve the strategic content.

End Target

To come up with an efficient strategy, a business must decide on its target. Having knowledge about the consumers helps to hone out the whole business structure. Without an idea of your end goal, you cannot refine the journey. Familiarise with the needs of the customers through proper research and online surveys. Also, have clarity with the product you are offering to them and why it will mean to them. Consumers can make or break a business.


Whatever content a digital marketing agency provide the customers, it must make sense. Maintaining cohesiveness from idea conceptualisation to reaching the consumers is essential. It will provide a clear picture of your business and gain the trust of the consumers. There should not be any room for doubts for your product. A customer must be able to earn value from your business without questioning it.

Sales Goals

Define your financial goals. Make sure they are realistic. Lay your strategy on the basis of your sales vision. Determine a timeframe for all your content marketing plans. An online business cannot achieve overnight structure. It does take time to build trust with your customers. Have confidence on your content and let it work for you.


Don’t swept away by fancy business ideas. Every single aspect of your online business costs money. The budget must be relevant to the sales goals. It’s a fine balance between not spending at all and spending too much. Better decisions can only be made with experience. So it’s wise to leave it to a digital marketing agency.


As contrast to the popular belief, the bigger content doesn’t promise better reach. The quality is directly proportional to the quantity. Lots of content without any sense will actually backfire. Simple content is much more effective. Consumers should not just only read or see your content, they must also buy your service. The more quality content you create, the more money you are going to make. Be smart and opt for a digital marketing agency to offer professional content for your online business.


Decide on the platform through which you prefer to reach your customers. The site must have efficient user interface and elegant theme. Fast navigation, text size, imagery, integrated social media, versatile payment and shipping system – all make an impact on your consumer. A well-planned online business by a digital marketing agency will drive large traffic.


An online business must be unique to thrive in a sea of million digital products available. Concentrate on developing brand value for the business with strategic content marketing. From the information you offer to the color of your site, everything matters in the brand representation. Take professional inputs on the decisions that represent your business values. Anything irrelevant to your vision goes out the door.

Clear content, confident representation and strategic business structure will cut cost and time in huge scales. Nothing is impossible with professional help and perseverance. Believe in your online business, devise strategic plans, you are sure to succeed!

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Latest Video Content Marketing Trends

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Video Content Marketing Trends 2015

Human are visual creatures. We believe what we see. To sell any idea, marketers should get consumers to visualize an idea. That’s where video content marketing comes to the scene. Imagine the effect movies, music videos and TV ads have on our psyche. Now, redirect that effect to your business. A digital marketing agency can finish the intimidating task of making videos with ease.

The Emotional Quotient

The video of a silly dog running around a laughing infant has million views in YouTube. Why? The video has no logic or purpose, but it strikes an emotional chord with the viewer. The audience find the video amusing to watch. That’s the strategy. Any valuable product sold with an emotional touch will make all the difference in the revenue.

The videos need not be all about the product. The focus should be on gaining customer loyalty. Make videos of your work culture, the non profit organisations you work with, the brand’s values, team events, etc. When it gets emotional, it gets personal.

Keep It Short

The videos should not lag. The shorter a video, the greater it’s reception. That’s why TV ads are more powerful than full length movies. The tiny-videos put the spotlight on its message before the audience gets distracted. It is the little things that a digital marketing agency does that matters.

Create short Q&A sessions with customer queries as videos for your online site. It will show the customers that you care. Ask your buyers to share their picture with your products and create small montage videos with that.


Video content marketing should never be boring. The visuals should be attractive, well shot and funny. People never forget a famous movie dialogue or a catchy song chorus. It’s because of their entertainment values. Anything wrapped in humour will bring positivity all around. Customers will feel at ease when they see the glamorous or goofy side of your business.

Make funny videos with your workers or share funny stories. Film highlights of the year or show your audience the perks of using your products. Add some catchy tunes to it. There you go! These are some simple equations to videos which one cannot forget.


Boost the value of your products with video content marketing. Watching a video makes a person understand better than reading a book. A digital marketing agency’s videos provide much information about the products in short amounts of time. It’s creative, effortless and efficient.

Make instructional manuals in video formats and upload those to your site. It helps your customers to get the most out of your products. Give a virtual tour of your site to enhance the user interface. Document how your products are made and show them to your customers.

Visual Attraction

The huge advantage of video content marketing over others is that it’s attractive. But, a shabby video will backfire. It’s important to put in efforts to make catchy videos. The length, visual aesthetics, the concept and everything matters. A digital marketing agency can help you with a dedicated video team.

Every single thing that comes on screen is essential and must be given attention. When there are millions of options available, a customer will never waste time on a bad video.

Do follow your competitors’ activities to stay updated with your video content marketing. You learn more by watching videos than reading about videos. It also avoids the same videos being made again.

With many advantages to its side, Video content marketing is a powerful digital marketing tool. By focusing on making quality videos, you help, entertain and guide your customers. When made to feel included, your targets always stay loyal!

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Online Video - The Future of Content Marketing

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Online Video: The Future of Content Marketing


We live in a world of instant gratification. With people not even having time for their breakfast, nobody likes to sit and read page long stories and marketing content. They much prefer to see it rather than read it. They say one must have be futuristic to run successful online business. When that's the case, online video content marketing is the future that spreads like wildfire in the present.


With our hands permanently glued to our mobile phones, we at least see one video per day. We can't say the same for written media. All the consumer has to do is click the link and see your idea. It saves lot of time for people on both sides. There are lot of YouTube channels that regularly drive million views within a matter of hours. People prefer seeing people rather than reading blogs.


The main advantage of video marketing by a digital marketing agency over other marketing strategies is it's very attractive. When we add human touch to the content, it engages the viewer. Emotional strategy is always better than intellectual strategy. Say you are selling a dog food product. You write a blog about it with a healthy and playful dog photo. You also release a video ad for the product on Youtube, showing the dog eating your food and playing around in a ground. Which you think would have attracted the customers?


You can make the customer understand your idea better with a twenty second video instead of writing a five page long article. It avoids any confusion the customers may have about your product as they see it in a real situation. It provides transparency between a business designed by a digital marketing agency and its target.


There is a false notion that making a video for business is expensive. But, it is not. You yourself can make a simple video with an amateur camera. Idea is money, not the gadget. If we take YouTube, most of the videos there are shot at home with personal cameras. Still they work. Why? The content. A six-second vine by a digital marketing agency can sell idea.


With small teasers before your product release, you can entice the audience. The more curious they are, that much likely they are to buy your products. Once you deliver your products, trust is built with your customers. This can never be possible with any other marketing.


The most important feature of online video marketing is that it’s instant. You can shoot a video and upload it instantly. The customers can see it and give the feedback instantly. Once you know the reaction, you can improvise the product if necessary. This creates transparency and cuts down the cost drastically.


The promotional videos by a digital marketing agency need not be boring. With the types of video formats available, you can do anything with online video marketing. You can release

  • video testimonials of your customers to build confidence,
  • show product demos in real time,
  • instructional videos about how to use your products,
  • interviews with the business heads,
  • Q&A sessions,
  • Pop culture stars endorsing your products, etc.

When you are conceptualising your idea, make sure it’s relevant to your customer. Subtle placement of your product in a brilliant video is more effective than exaggerating. Do not hint on any stereotypes or insults on a particular group of people.

With million dollar businesses happening every second through little screens, it’s obvious who’s the youngest online marketing superstar is. Online videos, of course!

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How Can Content Marketing Make Your Presence Felt in the Internet?

Any smart entrepreneur would have long understood that the traditional means of marketing is a thing of the past. What is required in this age and technology is online marketing backed with the most reliable and up-to-date techniques. Though there are different modes of making your presence felt in the online world, one marketing strategy most marketers bet on is content marketing.

A colourful, well designed website and a couple of social media accounts is just not sufficient to make your presence felt in the Internet. Content is one of the most powerful tools to make a dominating presence online. As a marketer, if you have still not forayed into content marketing and set across a strong team for that, then just read on to know why you should do it right away.

What is Content Marketing?

As a marketer if you plan to promote your business online, you would have certainly heard about content marketing. And if you are wondering how content marketing can make a difference to my business, then here’s a simple explanation to it. Content marketing is nothing but a means to create and share valuable details about your business in such a way that it will not only attract customers, but will convert potential customers into customers and customers into repeat customers. The right content will be your key to get customers to buy your products and change their views regarding your company. So, if you interested in doing your business online, content marketing is a reliable strategy to make customers to know, like and trust your brand.

Power of Content Marketing

Content has proven to be a successful strategy no matter what the business or vertical. Marketers are beginning to realize the value of a planned and well-executed marketing strategy. In fact, in a recent study conducted, content marketing well surpassed several marketing activities like social media marketing, SEO and paid advertising.The reason why content marketing is considered a valuable tool is due its versatility and its ability to reach. By delivering custom-made content to your customers, you not only make the customer feel better about the company and build stronger relationships, but also increase the inbound traffic to your site. It is also a great way to increase brand awareness and pull in unexpected customers. And best of all, it is the most cost-effective form of marketing, when compared to other alternative forms of marketing.

The Future

It is hard to deny the fact that content marketing is the next big thing in digital marketing. It is expected to overtake different marketing avenues like social media marketing. Content that is tailored to meet the marketing needs and is designed to lure the target customers is slated to rule the roost in future. In this generation of smartphones and unlimited Internet, where we are bombarded with information, the challenge lies in making you stand out. And this task can be trusted to content marketing. Companies with a proper content marketing strategy in place are expected to generate more leads in comparison to others.

Tips & Tricks

Long blog posts with high-quality and detailed content will be the future. With the Internet world overloaded with poor quality content, such kind of quality blogs and articles will certainly work wonders. Don’t limit your blog posts with just content. Pep them up with videos. Yes! Videos in blog posts will improve the learning experience and will create a dedicated group that will come back for more. Content marketing with the use of infographics and instructographics is a sure shot way to hit the bull’s eye. Publishing inforgraphics that stand out on a regular basis will be a successful content marketing strategy. The basic idea should be to focus on making an impact rather than just making noise.

To sum it up, content marketing is a powerful approach to promote your business online. Quality content can be in any form. Be it in blogs, videos, infographics or articles, it is an efficient and cost-effective way to make your presence felt on the Internet.

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Content Marketing: What is it all about?

People ignore all sorts of traditional marketing techniques these days. Interest in television advertising and print ads are on the decline. The moment people realized that traditional marketing has started to lose its awesomeness and Internet is where you can find your audience, they have turned to digital marketing.

“Good communication means good business”

If you are planning to market your business online, you cannot do it without content marketing since that’s the way you get to communicate with your clients and convey the idea about your business to them. It is popularly said that “Content is King” and good content, can undoubtedly boost your business.

Content marketing: the definition

The standard definition of content marketing goes like this:

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of valuable content in order to gain customers and to turn the existing customers to repeated buyers. The content will always be related to what exactly you are planning to sell.

What makes Content Marketing unique?

One might think all the buzz about content marketing is nothing but a fad. But, the fact is that content has always been the soul of marketing. Just give it a thought. Unless you know something is valuable, you are not going to buy it. How do you know something is valuable? Through informational content! But the importance of content has come to the forefront only in the past few years.

Despite content being the soul of marketing, there is a one major difference between traditional marketing and content marketing. All other forms of marketing techniques advocate the hard sell. i.e. They try to sell you the product while, content marketing tries to empower the customer by making him more knowledgeable about products and their benefits.

The now intelligent customer stays loyal to his source of knowledge more often than not.

Why do you need content marketing?

Because content is all you get to hear right from the moment you take your first step towards digital marketing. Rest of the marketing techniques just follow it.

  • An advertisement alone doesn’t compel customers to buy a product, valuable information regarding the product does
  • A Social media network is a great medium to make your business reach majority audience, but only with great content
  • It’s always the content based on which Google ranks your website so that people get to access your business
  • A great content leaves a great impact on people, letting them to know , like and trust your products

Different forms of content marketing

You create good content, but how do you make sure that it reaches out to the potential customers? That’s why there are different forms of content marketing, which include:


When you hear the word content, the first thing that comes to your mind is obviously a blog. Blog contents contain relevant information about a particular business or product. Blog posts instil a sense of trust in the customers by giving them all necessary information about your product and helping you strengthen your brand.


You send newsletters to potential customers, each of the publication speaking about a particular topic of interest each day. It is considered as a great marketing strategy to attract customers and encourage them to visit your business websites.


E-mail marketing tops the list of the most successful techniques used in content marketing. In e-mail marketing, you collect e-mail Ids of potential customers and mail them some informative content or offers. It is a means of indirect marketing where you don’t try to sell the product to the customers but you give them information that may be of great help to them, thus making them eager to learn further about you and your business.

Social media

Social media networks are very much popular amongst Internet users and that is where you have majority of your potential customers. Through social media, you can post, tweet, share and dialogue anything and therefore, it is a great medium to share your content, links to your blogs and website posts etc.

White papers

White papers are documents that contain long content, meant to promote a particular product. They introduce a problem and with the help of case studies, research findings and content of the sort to argue that your product or business is superior to other businesses in solving the issue.  It is somewhat like boasting about your product, but if you are sure about your business, what’s wrong in showing it off?


Video marketing is gaining popularity these days. Videos are effective marketing tools since they help you convey to the customers an insight about your business, how they can help you solve an issue etc. through effective content. Be it interviews, testimonials or guides, you get to show off all information about your business through videos. But make sure that the videos are short enough since people have a very short attention span and they tend to get easily bored.


E-books are of great advantage for your customers who are keen to learn more about your business and products. You can convert your best content into digital format and sell them or give away to your customers so that they can attain deep knowledge about your business.


Images speak better than words at times. Therefore, a powerful image with great design can be the best marketing strategy to help you spread the word and gain more customers


Inforgraphics is the trend these days. It is a design led graphic that speaks to customers with powerful images and relevant words that can explain even complex things in a simple manner.

How can content marketing help your business?

Content serves two different entities – customers and search engines. It builds customers’ trust and helps you rank better in search engine result pages (SERP). Adopting content marketing can benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Generate in-bound traffic to your website
  • Increase engagement with potential audience
  • Generate more leads
  • Increase sales
  • Helps in brand-building
  • Cheaper than traditional marketing

Here are some interesting stats about content marketing:

  1. Content marketing is employed by 93% of B2B marketers (Content Marketing Institute)
  2. About 60% people are inspired to look for a product after reading about it online!(com)
  3. Out of all the marketers who blog, a massive 82% report positive ROI for their inbound marketing (hubspot)

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Building long-term relationships with customers using digital media

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the Chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else” – Sam Walton

When someone wants you to hear a story of their recent customer experience, it usually turns out to be a story with sad ending. But it doesn’t mean that good service is less likely to be seen. After all, providing customer satisfaction is the key part in enhancing the overall outlook of a company. Am I making sense? Yes. And that is what compelled me to appreciate and value the importance of satisfying customers and building a long-term relationship with them. Before I provide some insights on this 21 st century hot topic, I want you to really appreciate the value of gratifying customers through the following example.

Enriching people’s lives

We’re very simple people at Apple. We focus on making the world’s best products and enriching people’s lives” Tim Cook

Yes, the example is about Apple! The following story went viral after Apple launched iPad 2. A man bought iPad 2 online but was forced to return the product immediately. He attached a note in front of the device saying, “Wife said no”. The incident ultimately reached some Apple VPs. Guess what? Apple refunded it and returned the product to the customer attaching a Post-It that simply read, “Apple said yes.”!

Amazing!! Isn’t it? It would have been a nice surprise for the customer. And that too for free! So, this is what I am trying to communicate.

The emotional value of a product out shadows the monetary value of a company when it is achieved by creating a long-term relationship with the customer. In order to build that relationship, you need to adopt new ways of marketing. The power of digital media to enhance your relationship with customers is not to be neglected in this highly competitive world. So there you are…Thinking of the possibilities of strengthening your customer base through the power of digital media!

Needs, Perceptions

You have marketed your product quiet well and people bought it. They are satisfied with your product and are happy. You thank them and reward them in some cases. So, is your job done? No. Understanding the needs and perceptions of your customers is as important as delivering quality products. For that, you need to collect data regarding customer requirements. But how? Let me share some ideas.

  • E-mail surveys

You can choose appropriate questions and create an e-mail survey using websites or software which offers e-mail survey programs. Gathering data from customers about your product or service is an effective way of analyzing your customers’ preferences. Being a part of social media marketing, e-mail surveys help you to conduct market research in a cost-effective manner.

  • Building relevant data

You can learn more about your customers at key buyer stages by building relevant data regarding the buyer behavior. This not only helps you to understand the behavior of customers at the purchasing stage but also helps in analyzing the post-purchase behavior of customers. You can collect data from customers using tools which support you in customer-sourcing.

  • Feedback gathering

Knowing how happy or sad your customer is after buying your product helps you make necessary changes based on their needs. So, it’s very important to gather customer feedback to achieve customer satisfaction. Tools that help in gathering feedback from customers are becoming popular nowadays and it helps you to improve your business in an effective manner.

Engaging customers

You need to be connected with your customers and should keep them connected with each other as long as emphasizing the value of your brand is essential for the survival of your business. So what can you do? You can let your customers connect and share ideas about your product or service. Platforms can also be created for like-minded customers to share insights and views regarding the product or service of your company. Maintaining a social media presence would help advance the brand building efforts of your business drastically in the long run. After all, social media marketing is one of the powerful tools of digital marketing in this century.

Channels + Content + Marketing

Be it social networks, search engines or e-mail marketing , your efforts to reach your customers need to be clear and powerful. Integrating proper channels, valuable content and unique marketing strategies will help enhance your customer relationship management activities in exceptional ways. Integrated digital marketing has gained wide acclaim where diverse channels are used to strengthen the brand communication efforts. So in order to attract and retain your customers, you need to produce relevant and quality content.

Unfortunately, creating high quality content alone won’t make you successful. The selection of right marketing channels should be done after carefully considering your business’ long term perspectives. Just because your competitor achieved success through a particular strategy doesn’t mean that your business is expected to follow that. Every business is unique and so are their digital marketing strategies.

After all, what you really need is a mass of customers who rely on your product and value your business. You need to be careful while implementing your promotional plans. It is not necessary for all your plans to hit the market. Choose the right digital marketing channel, produce relevant content and strategize your marketing activity if you really want to build a long-term relationship with your customers!

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