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Content Marketing in Mumbai

5 years ago on

9 Ways Content Marketing in Mumbai Improves Advertising for Businesses

Nowadays, the demand for Content Marketing Services is at an all time high. Many brands proved it as a successful method for online advertising. Unfortunately, many businesses are still sceptical about the long term benefits of content marketing. Lack of awareness of this innovative method is one of the principal reasons.

If you are doing any online business and haven’t tried the possibilities of content marketing, you struggle a bit to survive among your competitors. As content marketing is one of the most feasible and successful marketing strategies used today, you should know about it in detail.

We are going to make you aware how Content Marketing in Mumbai can help businesses to improve advertising.

Here are 9 ways to improve advertising via Content Marketing

  1. More leads with more on- site content

It’s obvious that more content on the website will attract more users. Quality content gives room for your customers to become familiar with your brand. If they spend more time on your website because of your content, they will trust your products as well. As a result, you will get higher conversion rates. Quality content is the soul of content marketing; it will bring you quality leads.

To know more about blogging, see our blog Why is Blogging the Best Form of Content Marketing?

  1. Improved visibility in search engines 

Adding new blogs does not give you more search traffic. It will be another page in Google’s index. Google has some criteria to rank your blogs. Only quality pages can drive more search queries. Focusing popular keywords and topics that users frequently search for will lead potential customers to your website.

  1. Total domain authority via quality content

You can increase the expected authority, expertise, relevance and trust of your website by publishing high quality content. As quality content can attract more inbound links to your website, you will attain complete authority of your website’s domain. Truth to be told, higher domain authority is always associated with higher search rankings. So, you will find higher organic search visibility of your site with respect to the quality of content you produce.

  1. Increased referral traffic

Referral traffic is an integral part of your content marketing strategy. Your commitment towards guest blogging of your content strategy determines how much referral traffic you will get. When you do guest blogging, chances are high to link back to your site. Guest blogging might bring potential customers to your website.

So, always contribute your external publications on an engaging website with high traffic. This will bring you quality leads.

  1. More leads via social media

As you know, social media is an effective platform to get maximum exposure for your brand. Users share or like a blog only if the content is relevant and engaging. Interesting content can drive thousands of followers to your site. As a result, you are able to get the right customers.

  1. Improved conversion is possible (than ever before)

One of the principal reasons for publishing attractive content is to help, inform and engage your audience. Once they are interested in your content, you can easily introduce your products and services to them. If done thoughtfully, the number of conversions will increase considerably. Remember the keyword “thoughtfully”- never convert your content into an advertisement.

  1. Enhanced brand reputation 

Relevant and quality content is capable of creating an impression of your brand. If your audience finds your blogs informative and helpful, they will consider your brand as a thought leader. If your content is found in external platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. readers will consider your brand as more trustworthy.

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  1. Promising customer relationships

It’s indisputable that sensible content can improve the loyalty of your customer relationships. If you produce and share content on personal brands of individuals, readers will find you as a reliable source of information on product queries and gradually they develop a personal relationship with your brand. This will persuade them to buy your products as well.

  1. Economic marketing costs

As Content Marketing is cost- effective, secure and accessible for anybody irrespective of industries, businesses find no other effective medium for advertising. Many brands already claimed that they could reduce half of their marketing expenses with Content Marketing.

We hope these 9 ways make you know how Content Marketing in Mumbai helps businesses to improve advertising. So, if you do not invest in it yet, leverage your business with Content Marketing.

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Content Marketing Agency

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9 Smart Tips to Choose the Best Content Marketing Agency

Content marketing is a solid way to enhance your brand. So, you would naturally be interested in jumping the content marketing bandwagon for your brand. But content marketing is not an easy job. You have two options – either build an in-house team or hire an agency.

Building an in-house content team is not an easy job. It requires patience, proper vision a talented bunch of people and proper budget. But on the other hand, a content marketing agency provides you a readymade team of experts.

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But not all content marketing agencies are genuinely dependable. The main reason is simple. Most of them were originally SEO, Social Media Marketing agencies. On seeing the possibilities of Content Marketing, they reinvented themselves as Content Marketing agencies.

Here are a few smart tips to choose a Content Marketing agency that suits your business best:

Domain Expertise: No two businesses function the same way. Each is unique in its own way. Its not easy to have expertise over every domain. That said, if your content marketing agency has previous experience working with your domain, or if they are a team that is comfortable with your domain, the chances of success is high.

Because, in content marketing, quality is everything. If they have great domain knowledge, it will provide you massive advantage.

Success Stories: Do they have past success stories to share? If they have, it means they do know their stuff. If they don’t, be very careful. They might have the potential, but at the same time would have the disadvantage of being newbies. You would have to take a gamble if you plan on continuing with them.

Look for Social Media Presence: Do they have good social media presence? Good rankings alone is not enough for businesses to grow online. Social media presence is vital as well. Check if they are actively engaged with their social media audience, and has some viral posts. Also, do they have experience generating leads from social media? These are vital points you shouldn’t miss out on.

Check their Website & Blog – Do they have a decently designed website which is navigable and user-friendly? Any good content marketing agency would have a variety of content displayed on their website. Look out for videos, infographics, slideshare presentations, ebooks, etc.

Also, pay close attention to their blog. See if they have the latest updates, both from industry and from the company.

Takes time to learn the way you worked so far– Any good content marketing team would look for the work you have done so far. Because generating quality content is no simple task, and they have to lookfor every bit of information available to them. And if you have an existing style of working which could be tweaked for better results, then nothing like it.

Provides you a fresh perspective – Do they provide a fresh perspective to your business? An angle you yourself might not have noticed, or did not think mattered much, but now that they talk about it, you realize its importance and the scope it offers. There might be new techniques your competitors might not be using, and gives you lots of opportunities to grow. Such people would also be able to predict future trends that your business would be able to make the best of.

Produces a variety of content – No matter how great the content, if its the same kind, success will not be sustainable. Your audience would get bored of the same form and style. There should be variety to keep their interest high. Include a variety of videos (Read:Online Video: The Future of Content Marketing), blogs, images, infographics, slideshare presentations and more to make it interesting.

Knows Content Marketing is not just producing content – There aren’t a lot of people who understand the concept of content marketing (Read: Content Marketing: What is it all about?). Due to this, a lot of agencies and people think that content marketing is nothing more than just producing content.

But it is not so. Content marketing involves marketing of the created content as well. How do you do that? Well, that’s a question your content marketing agency needs to answer.

If possible, reach out to ex-employees of the company – To know how a company is, there is no better way than to talk to ex-employees. Their views might be biased, but talking to them can give you valuable insights about the company. You would be able to know their workflow, capability, past clients, culture and a lot more.

So, there you have it.

If you think there are other valuable tips, please share with us in the comment section.

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Digital Marketing Agency

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7 Tips to Choose a Great Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency works with a lot of businesses today to help them reach the right audience. It helps businesses increase brand awareness and customer base. If you are in any business, you’d surely want to find a reputable company to help you market your brand. Since digital marketing agencies can provide great impact for your business, it’s crucial that you choose the right one.

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  • Goals– As with any marketing campaign or business idea, you must have clear goals and objectives. And you must make sure your agency is aware of them before you begin. By doing this, you will be able to find out whether your chosen agency can offer the expertise you need and deliver what you want.

  • Go traditional– One way to find a good company is to ask for recommendations. Find out what agency has been working for a friend or a colleague. Ask about their experiences with the agency. Learn how the agency has helped them and if the results were satisfactory.

  • Check out for awards– One way to find out if an agency is good is to check for industry awards. Good companies have been awarded with certifications for their astonishing works.

  • Reliable contact– As online marketing can be long-lasting and difficult, you should hire an agency which can provide you a consonant project manager. Several agencies will provide you upper-level managers to give pitch, so just ask them that who will work for you and when you can meet them.

  • Best technology– Always select a digital agency which can provide you the best technology so that you can maintain competing advantage and adhere to security standards. For a single project, there are many solutions available, so it is better to ask your agency about what technology they are going to use for your project and why they are using that particular one among others. If they fail to give proper answer then choose another agency.

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  • Expertise– Digital marketing has a lot of aspects, and different agencies can provide several services for you. Some services are inbound marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, etc. So when you are aiming for inbound marketing, find the digital marketing agency that specializes in it; the same goes for the other services.

  • Results– This is one factor that you need to focus on. You need to find out if the agency has provided good results for other businesses. You need to make sure that they were able to help businesses achieve their goals in terms of marketing. If your research shows that the agency was able to help the business increase its sales, its customer base, and its market share, then you’ve got a winner.

With these above few tips, you can choose the digital marketing agency meeting your needs.

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Content Writing Services

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9 Signs of Good Content Writing Services

Content writing is considered as an important aspect of any internet marketing campaign. Without content, a digital marketing company can’t attract search engines. If you are having any content related requirements, then you should consider hiring a good content writing service.

“Better content means better business”

Here are 9 signs of good content writing services that you should know before hiring:

  • Website

It’s important to remember that a high quality writer understands basic business principles. And for them, having a website means getting off the freelance sites, stopping the endless hours of scouring craigslist, and instead, focusing on building web presence. More exposure they get, more customers they can find.

So if they have a site for their content writing services, they just might get “it.” Check out their website and see how professional it is. Is it just slapped together? Is it hosted on their own domain?

Judge them based on the same criteria you would judge any business website.

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  • Reliability

Apparently, this is going to be one of your major considerations when operating online. It’s easy to outsource writing work across the globe with the technology the internet provides. The problem is, you can’t look over the writer’s shoulder to make sure everything is being done right and on time. This is why it’s extremely important to work with a service which has a good track record.

Work with a company you trust, and don’t take risks on a web content provider you’re not sure about just to save a few bucks.

“The key ingredient to better content is separating the single from the steam.”

  • Niche Specific

Do they offer articles in a specific niche? While most writers consider writing on any subject as long as it isn’t so narrow that it’s impossible for a non-professional to research, good writers sometimes can charge the prices they do because they know their subjects inside and out.

They’ve focused really hard on a small handful of them, and it has become a breeze to write even high volumes of articles quickly because they already know the subject.

  • Turnaround Times

You’re using an article writer to increase the speed of your online business growth. If they are consistently missing the agreed-upon deadlines, that’s going to slow you down. You need to find a service that can deliver work back to you within a reasonable time frame, without letting the quality slip. Many writers try to sell themselves with quick turnaround times, but then deliver substandard work.

  • Article Quality

Content is king on the web-don’t let anyone tell you anything else. But in order to be at the top, it’s not enough for you to have lots of content. You have to have good content. What’s more, if you want to use article marketing promotions, you have to make sure that those articles are also of good quality.

Make sure the article writing service you hire can deliver high quality, well-researched articles that actually deliver real value to your readers. This will help to raise the overall conversion rates of your business, as more potential customers view the information you offer in a positive light.

  • Knowledge of the Industry

Of course, it’s hugely important that the writing service you use is made up of writers who actually understand how online businesses operate. This provides the extra insight required to create articles meeting your requirements.

A thorough knowledge of how to write for search engine optimization purposes is also important. Never hire a freelance writer to write for a website if they don’t keep up to date on the latest news about search engine optimization.

“Every piece of your content should be excellent, enough that customers are compelled to share it.”

  • Sublime Language Abilities

Are they a native-English speaker? Sometimes it can be hard to determine. Make sure the samples they sent you are really representative of their English, and pass a couple emails back and forth to see if they start making mistakes under pressure.

A quick Skype chat can settle things if you’re really in doubt, and they may even be willing to get on the mic and talk to you, which would of course let you know for certain.

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  • Follows Instructions

People who hire content writing service always look for a long term commitment. As it make your content sound alike if it is written by the same author meeting your requirements.

So before hiring a good content writing service, check that the service you hire give you proper reply and remembers your request for next time. As it will save your time in revision and editing.

  • Creativity

An expert content writer can create content with new perspective by generating new ideas. Making your content creative is a way to engage clients and potential customers.

But ensure that your content should always be fresh and exciting.

Use these nine factors as signs of good content writing services before hiring any article writing service you come across. These should form a minimum standard when it comes to outsourcing article writing – don’t accept anything less.

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email marketing services

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11 Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List [2016]

The demand for Email Marketing Services is increasing day by day. Unfortunately, many of the marketers are unaware of the ABC of email marketing.

If you’re a marketer, you should know the fact that your email marketing database is getting corrupted by about 22.5% every year.

It is not unusual that email addresses of your contacts’ vary as they move from one company to another or sometimes when they unsubscribe your email list. Change of their old AOL address which is used to fill in forms on sites can also affect your email list.

Adding fresh contacts to your email marketing campaigns in a regular manner helps you to have an upper hand in your business. (Make sure you never enhance your email marketing by purchasing email lists.)

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Here are 11 amazing ways to grow your email list, if you’ve run out of ideas to do so.

Some simple ways to build your Email Marketing List

Via Email

  1. Create incredible email content

Why should you create remarkable content? It’s simply because people stay subscribed and forward your email to their friends and colleagues only if your content is interesting. Remember, these friends and colleagues will be new to your email list.

  1. Push your existing email subscribers

Try to include social sharing buttons, “Email to a Friend “button in your marketing emails. This will drive your existing email subscribers to share and forward your emails to friends and colleagues. Sometimes these friends and colleagues might sign up for your email list and you will get access to fresh networks.

  1. Online contest rewards you

Promoting an online contest will attract online users. New members begin to sign up using their email address (Make sure you promote your content on social!)

  1. Make use of multiple email subscription types

It’s quite natural that email recipients click through emails that have been targeting them. So, if you can create multiple email types, the visitors might get attracted to any one of them and there is a chance for subscription.

  1. Refresh unnoticed email list

If you have an ineffective older email list try to refresh it with an opt-in campaign. Think about sending an engaging opt-in message to your older list in order to bring back interested contacts.

Make sure you remove all contacts who don’t respond. It may sound unreasonable to remove people from your email records as a move to improve your email list. Keep in mind, emailing only active contacts can improve your deliverability.

  1. Linking employees’ email signature

If you can add a link, directing people to your mailing list it will benefit you in the long run. Consider adding that link to your employees’ email signatures, so that people will be tempted to sign up for your mailing list.

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With Fresh Content

  1. Try lead generating offers

Lead generating offers like free ebook, whitepaper etc. can attract visitors. Create such lead generating offers and allow visitors to download it by simply submitting their email address.

  1. Via free online tools or resources

As people always search for online tools, you can offer a free online tool in order to improve your mailing list. Let the visitors use the tool for free, by just providing their email address.

With Social Media

  1. Promote a lead generating offer via Twitter

Promote an ebook via a Twitter campaign, so that your followers can access it by submitting their email address.

  1. Promote one of your top offers via Facebook page

Obviously, promoting offers via Facebook page will attract a huge audience. Make sure you add enough social sharing buttons to encourage your audience to share your offers that requires an email address.

  1. Adding call- to- action button

A call- to- action button on your Facebook business page gives you room to improve your email list. Create a link to the call-to-action button in such a way that requires an email address for access.

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Social Media Marketing Services

5 years ago on

What Kim Kardashian Can Teach You About Social Media Marketing

If you’re a Netizen, Kim Kardashian needs no special introduction. As you know, she is the star of popular reality show “Keeping Up with the Kadarshians”. She runs a clothing line shop popularly known as DASH store. She even published a successful app on her name.

She has taught the online world how selfies work as a promotional tool for any brand. She even published a book on selfies describing her success.

Last year, a silly photo of her kissing her husband managed to get 2.4 million likes via Instagram. It sounds interesting, no?

What magic she is doing with social media? Why other popular brands and celebrities fail to achieve such kind of success? Should social media marketing services have something to learn from this hot online superstar?

Here are five social media lessons businesses can learn from the sexy online enchantress Kim Kardashian:

Get involved in social media passionately

If you analyze Kim’s career you can find she never misses an opportunity to praise social media as a fuel for her success. Kim teaches you, love social media and do every activity passionately, meaning, get involved in social media sites by sharing intimate details of your life with your friends and followers. This will really shake the minds of people.

In fact, Kim allows people the possibility to interact with her in a platform both she and her followers loved. She deliberately tries to involve her audience into her personal life. For instance, she always seeks the opinion of groups on petty things like which face cream to buy, yada yada yada. This will make her followers feel that she treats them as a part of her life.

Always keep in touch

There might be good days and bad days for you. Sometimes you don’t want to engage with people and love to remain into your shells. But Kim never does this. She loves to interact with people irrespective of her mood changes and keeps the conversation going. Literally, it is hard to show such kind of commitment, but it will reward you in the long run for sure.

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Empower women (crossing international boundaries)

If she’s pregnant and beautiful or pregnant and complaining, with make-up or without make-up, whatever it is, despite of her state, Kim Kardashian can motivate and instill confidence in the minds of women from all over the planet to believe in themselves and take delight in work, interests, family time.

Stick to some healthy values

As far as Kim is concerned, she gives primary importance to her family. People all over the world give importance to moral values. When you look for a role model, you appreciate their consistency and healthy values. Like that, Kim has evolved as a successful online marketer because of her consistency and values.

Businesses and social media marketing services have to learn a lot from her. There is nothing wrong if Kim is the role model for their business tactics.

Social media: A catalyst for your brand

Social media do not create personal brands very often, but you can use it as a vehicle for popularizing your brand. Truth to be told, Kim didn’t become a celebrity because of social media sites. Her personal brand makes her a celebrity. She used social media as an efficient tool to promote her brand.

In fact, she wants to convert her brand a well-defined one. She made more people addicted to her brand by conversing with her fans with this efficient communication channel.

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It’s seen that many brands sending their social media marketing team to study how to engage with their followers. Actually, it’s a sheer waste of money. You guys just think how Kim Kardashian did marketing via social media; it’s nothing but common sense. So love your followers, don’t hesitate to share your details with them and yeah, keep the conversation going!

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content writing services

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Why Successful Content Writing is not as Easy as its Assumed to be

The demand for content marketing services is at an all time high. With most of the global as well as local brands jumping into the digital/content marketing wagon, it comes as no surprise. In fact,

“just like water is the elixir of life, content is the elixir of online success”

But people unfamiliar with content marketing services seem to assume that successful content writing is quite an easy job. But is that so?



To understand that, we need to know what makes content writing successful. A lot of digital marketers assume that writing huge articles to gain search engine visibility makes content successful. Another section of marketers might think that well researched articles make your content successful.

But take a look at the content produced by brands such as Buzzfeed, Coca Cola, Mcdonalds that has been the most successful. One realizes that the above mentioned traits are not necessary for succesful content.

So, what are the core traits of successful content?

Marketers would probably say a lot of things – a good headline, ideal length, user-friendliness, etc. But when stripped to the bones, only three things matter. They are:

  • Is it Engageable?

  • Does it have Shareability?

  • Can it Convert?

content writing services

If your content makes them think its share-worthy and gets enough conversion, then you have successful content.

Now, lets go back to our initial question

Why is successful content writing not easy?


you need to ensure that each and every piece of your content can engage your audience and make them share; all the while, having conversion as the final goal.

It doesn’t matter how many blogs say that you just need to write the most researched and valuable content, that is not going to be true. You need content that is interesting and talks to you. Informs you. Enlightens you.

This makes successful content writing a skill that requires practise and perseverence.

It is a blend of reader psychology, subject knowledge and good language.

content writing services

Does experience have a role in this?


Writers need to have a certain level of experience before they can write such quality content. Experience not in terms of time, but in terms of actually creating and experimenting with content.

As a writer, not every type of content would suit you. You might be a blogger, an article writer, a script writer, a social media specialist, a copy writer, technical writer, a long form specialist or a content marketing services writer with all of these skills. But you need to identify your strengths, weaknesses and develop your own voice. It is a continuous process.

“Learning never ends for a content writer.”

This is exactly why most digital marketing services cannot replicate the content marketing success of bigger brands. There is an acute shortage of quality writers who understand the essence of content writing and its ultimate goal.


Digital marketers working with SMBs either hire a freelance writer or take in inexperienced writers inhouse.

Either way, they are not utilizing the full potential of content.

As more brands are jumping into digital content marketing, the volume of content created everyday is huge. To get the attention of readers among such competition, the quality of content needs to be really good. With writers who doesn’t produce compelling content, you are just adding to the volume.

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With time, search engines, including Google are focusing on content that the user wants. If your content has the traits of successful content, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting visitors. All you will need is an initial exposure to kickstart the activity. The well-formulated content will take care of the rest.

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Why is Blogging the Best Form of Content Marketing?

5 years ago on

Why is Blogging the Best Form of Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the mantra for modern marketers. But without interesting content, marketing via content is toothless. People follow brands on social media owing to interesting content (you might already know this)

You might be thinking about the best medium to publish attractive content. Here are some facts that may give you an answer. You know, Blogs have some 329 million readers globally. In fact, blogs are approximately 240 million in number. This is why millions of brands rely on Content Marketing Services for blogging.

Social Media Reach is Waning

You might know that Google has changed their algorithm over the past year. This makes troubles for even Content Marketing Services to keep up.

Facebook and Twitter also changed their algorithm following Google. So, social media strategies of businesses do not work anymore.International Business Times reported that Facebook’s organic reach has declined from 16% to 2% because of the new algorithm change.

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Ads Is Useful, But Not Much

So, what’s next, if social media reach is declining. Will it be good to depend on banner ads? A recent study reveals that clickthrough rates are only 0.1% and 50% of clickthroughs are accidental.

The ads, via print media are not that useful, as it doesn’t provide engagement.

Additionally, you may get surprised knowing that 70% people learn about a brand via blogs.

Compelling images increase blog readership

It’s good if you can add attractive images to your blog content. A research by the MDG advertising company shows, 94% blogs are get noticed owing to their content with compelling images. Also, keep in mind; search engines prefer images with text. It gives you room to highlight your keywords on images.

Blog promotion with videos, and vice versa

A research by Content Marketing Institute says “Blog promotion via video was a popular online marketing strategy over the past 2 years”. Since online videos have more popularity, you can use videos to promote your blog and vice versa. Customer testimonials, quick tips etc can be demonstrated via videos.

Post your videos on social media in such a way that links back to your blog.

More information to start blogging

If you are not confident enough to start blogging, we are going to tell you some more aspects of blogging.

Reputed brands reveal that if you can generate 15 blogs per month, you might get 1,200 leads, at least. Companies create blogs in order to improve their SEO.The interesting factor is that blogging can improve inbound links by 97%. Google checks inbound links while ranking.

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Some more aspects to start blogging

  • Be a smart leader:Blogs are the best medium to start an interactive relationship with your customers. It will help you to show your customers that you care about their needs and trying to provide quality products and services. You can remain as a trusted resource by sharing your expertise via blogs. Communication with your customers via hashtags and reply to feedback will increase the reliability of your brand.

  • Know your audience:You can judge the interests of your audience using blog analytics. Like analytics you can rely on other tools to gather information about your website, blogs and social media channels.

  • Improve your skills:To gain customer loyalty, you should stay live in the competition. Blogging is the medium to stay live in content marketing, because you constantly search for trends and news to attract your audience. When you write blogs for your business, you focus on more aspects to improve your business strategy.

There’s no further explanation needed for blogging. The advantages of blogging are indisputable. It’s time to generate more leads for your brand. So, what are you waiting for! Start blogging today with the help of Content Marketing Services

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Content Marketing Agency in India

5 years ago on

Why Businesses Should Hire a Content Marketing Agency in India

Gone are the days when people used to buy things based on TV advertisements. Despite the fact that your business gets the greater part of its clients through verbal referrals and recommendations, the customers will undoubtedly go online to know about your company and products before purchasing your products.

Hiring a Content Marketing Agency in India will help your brand, products and services to get noticed. Today, people go online in order to find out products that they require, and they research, analyze and shortlist. If you want to attract potential buyers, you need to have an effective Content Marketing strategy for your products and services.

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Why Hire a Content Marketing Agency in India

Relevant and high quality content is necessary to keep your website lively. This is important to stay focused in the competitive market. In any case, what about the time it takes to develop a solid Content Marketing strategy? Majority of the entrepreneurs are tied up with their most important and limited resource – their time. In addition, their lack of expertise on Content Marketing.

However, there are businesses that attempt and do it independently without understanding the result they are getting. Truth to be told, you are losing potential buyers by experimenting with your content. It may even contrarily affect the trust of the existing customers in your company.

No need to worry, hiring a best Content Marketing Agency in India can solve your content related issues. They are fully equipped with a team of business analysts and content strategists. You will get expected responses from your targeted audience owing to their professional guidance on developing a content strategy.

As per a survey conducted by Roper Public Affairs, 80% of business decision – makers depend on blogs to get details of a company. 70% said better content make them closer to business firm, while sixty percent revealed that owing to the content provided by entrepreneurs enable them make smarter purchasing decisions.

Role of a Content Marketing Agency

A Content Marketing Agency can help you by providing with better content strategy, web content writing, SEO and social media marketing. These aspects will definitely boost your business in the competitive market.

Here are some of the aspects that Content Marketing Agency does for their customers:

  • They will analyze whether your current online presence is set up in such a way to meet your business goals

  • Examine if your brand’s messaging is working well with your business goals from an outsider viewpoint

  • They will put forward suggestions on content and websites issues

  • A baseline report provided by the agency will help you ensure that if you are moving in the right direction or not when the contract is near completion.

Pick the right Content Marketing Agency in India

An expert Content Marketing Agency is skilful in analyzing the content related trends for businesses. Seeking the help of such an agency will give you results.

A top Content Marketing Agency in India is Devak Infomark. They are popular for providing quality services in content management system, web design, brand development, web application, web hosting and software development.

Interior Selection, Nano Jobs, Tech2Serve, MMB Tours, CompuSouk, Freight Reach Services are the popular clients of this agency.

Devak is famous for providing essential marketing elements like E- Commerce, Facebook Application Development, Mobile Website Development, Social media Marketing, SEO etc. This will help you to improve your online presence and boost your business.

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For content related needs, Deuce Technologies, Content Axis, Esmee Network are some of the best Content Marketing Agencies in India you can rely on. Esmee Network can help you in SEO content, content vamping, blog content, blog management, email marketing, website audit, etc.

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5 years ago on

9 Successful Brands Which Make Use of Content Marketing Services

Content marketing is the method used by companies to create valuable and relevant content for attracting customer attention. More than 86% of businesses follow content marketing strategy to achieve success. Today we can see many Indian brands that make use of content marketing for being successful.

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Some Indian brands that successfully use content marketing servicesare as follows:

1. Zomato

Zomato is a restaurant search and discovery service. Some of their specialties are: they are having excellent creativity, know their audience well, understand well what make them use their service and thus turn on each of the customer’s foodie-self. They never follow the strict policy of posting every day in social media. Hence, customers eagerly wait for each of their posts. They are equally popular in social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Zomato shows how efficiently a brand can utilize multiple channels for content marketing. Their success mantra is producing an optimum number of content and thus promote them effectively on social networks.

2. Oreo India

Oreo India was able to grab the attention of the audience with the help of their content. They faced sufficient competition from their dominating brands like Parle, and Britannia. Hence, they started a brand awareness campaign titled DailyDunks whose brand ambassador was Bollywood Heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor. They have wide range of content ideas for different networks. Oreo India is equally active in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Their success mantra is producing engaging content which focuses on their product. Also they made a celebrity association through the offline content marketing.

3. Amul

One of the greatest plus points of Amul is that they actively take part in every social issue. They try to focus on the opinions of the mass regarding that particular issue. In each content, there is the presence of the Amul girl which indirectly reflects the idea that it is she who is conveying those contents from her perspective. It is this presence which makes Amul brand different from other brands. It is active on Facebook as well as Twitter. To create a rapport with the audience they usually conduct social media contests. Their success mantra is that they understood how to reach the hearts of mass.

4. Vogue India

Vogue have taken a completely different approach in India. In spite of having expertise in fashion as well as lifestyle, with VogueEmpower they take lead in addressing issues. It is an initiative aimed for women empowerment and prevention of violence against women. They make use of top Bollywood celebrities to create glamor as well as buzz to the efforts of their content marketing. Apart from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus; YouTube plays a greater role in their content marketing. Their success mantra is celebrity brand endorsement and great storytelling capacity.

5. FlipKart

One of the best thing about Flipkart is that their videos are interesting, funny and highly engaging. With their sense of humor, creativity and art of messaging leaves a smile on the face of every type of audience. Mostly they make use of child actors for their advertisements. Their success mantras are great customer interaction, engaging content, good re-marketing strategy and compelling offers.

6. Shaadi.com

Shaadi.com will include some of the interesting and emotional aspect of wedding which makes it different from other matrimonial sites. Though they are active on Facebook and Twitter, their content marketing leader is always YouTube. The strategy that they use in social media is completely different from the strategies that they use in YouTube as well as TV. Their success mantra is the tapping of wide set of human emotions for marriage along with its humor and narrating power.

7. Imperial Blue

The success mantra of Imperial Blue is its use of fresh content. Imperial Blue is an Indian whisky brand and it got most of their popularity through its campaign titled “Men will be Men”.

8. OLX India

OLX India is a brand which became popular with the song ‘Womaniya’. Every content of this brand indicates its tagline “Where Buyers Meet Sellers!”. Also they create compelling content which motivate the audience to use their service. Some of their marketing include the use of star power like their involvement with famous TV comedy star Kapil Sharma. They are equally active in Facebook as well as Twitter. Their success mantra include star association, addressing issues of target audience and humor marketing.

9. Simplify 360

The strength of Simplify 360 is their infographics and they have clients from 25 reputed companies. Ice Bucket Challenge is a campaign organized by this particular brand. They are active on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook and YouTube. Their success mantra is their unique way of collecting, examining, breaking and submitting data.

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From all these brands, we are able to understand that creativity is the most desired quality for content marketing services. Content created should be brief and suitable to the audience. Celebrity brand endorsement, video marketing and humor marketing will be a successful strategy in content marketing services of various companies.

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