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Personalized Marketing Strategy

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How to Implement a Successful Personalized Marketing Strategy

If you have purchased products from Amazon or Flipkart, you will be able to see the amazing effects of personalized experience.

You will be able to see a list of suggestions based on your search history. Also, most probably you will receive a follow up email which contains similar collection of books based on your recent purchase.

We will not be surprised to see if you return to purchase more; it is because they are based upon your likes and interests.

This is why most of the marketers believe that personalized marketing campaigns are crucial for the success for their business.

If you wish that your customers want to come back for more purchases, you need to provide them with personalized experience that matches their wants and needs.

This means that more visits equal to more leads and more leads equal to more happy customers. Let’s take a look at how to implement a personalized marketing strategy:

1. Review your strategy

Before you execute your marketing strategy, think about the following questions to perceive how your organization can handle the strategy implementation:

  • What brand value I would like to offer my customers?
  • What kind of customer trends should I enable for e.g., repeated customer visits, increased trust, lot of purchases etc.?
  • What are the marketing resources that we have/can create which may change one strategy over another?
  • How much time does the plan need – whether short term/long term requirement?
  • Do I actually have enough resources such as people, tools, time etc. to achieve success?

2. Research and Analyze your audience

When you are done with planning your strategy, it’s time to gather some information about your audience and you will be able to use that for your marketing program. These are the ways you can research about your audience:

  • Surveys
  • Questionnaires
  • Discussion groups
  • Feedback via website or email
  • Social media platforms

Try to collect maximum amount of information from your potential prospects or customers. One or two queries might be enough rather than a drawn-out survey.

3. Choose right marketing tactics

Choosing the right marketing tactics is very crucial in the process of personalizing marketing strategy. Here are some of the marketing strategies to choose from:

  • Send emails from humans, don’t sound like a brand

Email is one among the simplest ways to create a personalized experience for your prospects. Rather than having the sender name as company’s name, create it from the name of an actual agent working on your promoting or marketing team.

Also, think about adding that agent’s photograph and his/her’s email signature to the body of the email to indicate that actually that agent took their time and energy to craft the message and can get some responses.

Even if you employ email templates, guarantee that they don’t appear as if they have been designed by a promoting/marketing machine. It is because you want to sound credible in your emails.

  • Use recipient’s name for emails

Writing “Dear Customer,” “Hi Customer,” “To [First Name]” etc. are all not at all preferred for your email communication with your prospects.

A lead’s real name is one among the best items of lead intelligence to assemble. If a prospect has filled out a form at any point of time, you can easily get their first name and email address.

If not, most likely you should not be emailing them. Most of the email service providers give you the opportunity to customize the email messages with recipient’s forename; so what’s more to think? Take advantage of it!

  • Make use of marketing automation tools

Based on content interest, automation tools will be able to trigger lead nurturing campaigns. While you will address completely different business problems and topics inside your content, that does not mean that each one of the prospects have an interest in all told topics.

If a prospect downloads an e-book targeted on specific topic, for instance, program your automation tools to automatically enter them into a lead nurturing campaign which will deliver content relevant to the initial topic and personalizes email messages based on supported data of that original content which was downloaded.

  • Segment email database by marketing persona

There are number of ways to segment email database; but the most effective and easiest way is by marketing persona. For example, if you have classified three separate marketing personas that combine your ideal customers, segment your email list into three different blocks.

Then, personalize the messaging used in independent emails sent to each blocks using the language that individual persona always uses and responds to.

  • Focus on creating persona driven content

Persona driven content is a key factor to consider when you begin with the process of personalization. Produce new content or modify the existing one to handle the exact needs and problems of your varied marketing personas.

Contemplate the very fact that one persona might have issues that the other persona doesn’t have. When you prepare a non personalized campaign, your one-size-fits-all content policy won’t fit with the particular problem of persona, which will be a drawback.

However, with a personalized approach that is targeted at a selected group of prospects, you will be able to address that drawback and make more customized and valuable content for those potential prospects.

  • Respond personally to customers on social media

Nowadays customers depend upon social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google + to research about the products and to make buying decisions.

It may appear to be an easy task to assign a real person to respond to customer queries on social media; however, several companies choose to automate it.

You need to check your social media activity on a daily basis and respond to them in a personal manner which provides suitable and rightful content that can address each persona’s needs.

  • Generate targeted landing pages

If you lack the bandwith to create content targeted for each of your personas, you have an option to create targeted landing pages for your different offers.

Make sure to customize the messaging and language on your targeted landing pages to handle the precise needs of particular segment, and do that for every phase.

  • Build targeted company’s product page variations on LinkedIn

LinkedIn company pages provides amazing targeting tool that permits you to personalize the products or services that a visitor sees on your product page in LinkedIn.

You will be able to target based on demographic info such as trade, job function and geographic area.

  • Use Google + topic circles to target content

Google + topic circles is another way of using social media platforms to supply a lot of personalized content distribution. By using Google + Circles, you will be able to create many totally different topic circles depending upon the different interests of your targeted page followers.

The next step is to poll your followers, raise that Circles they would wish to be side to, and simply distribute only targeted content to those Circles. This offers an individuality and personalization.

  • Lead intelligence to help in personalizing sales follow up

Lead intelligence or knowledge you gather concerning your leads/prospects consists of demographic data, customer behaviour on your website etc. which can be very useful as you outline segments of your business’ client personas.

However, it may also function as a robust lever to assist your sales team to personalize their sales pitches and perceive the wants of a lead before they even pick up the phone to dial the prospect. A well prepared sales agent can close the deal in no time.

4. Regularly update and refine personalization process

Like all other methods, personalized marketing process needs constants review and improvement to make sure of 100% effectiveness. The best way is that let the campaigns run for some weeks and then evaluate the results.

By this way, your team will be able to get a correct impression of exact progress over time, instead of getting a quick picture of how your personalization process is advancing.

It is also crucial to re-check all of your technological integrations to make sure that you have got access to holistic image of information.

During the refinement phase, marketers may take a step back and judge certain strategies or aspects of their personalized marketing campaign.

Let’s see how incorporating personalized marketing campaigns can be beneficial for your business:

1.A large compilation of client data: Personalization methods track the habits and activities of potential prospects; which in turn provides marketers with valuable knowledge that may not be available with conventional marketing campaigns.

If you are passing your leads to sales team, they will get a better clarity of whom they are merchandising and how the products/services matches with the client’s needs.

2.Loyal brand followers: Once customers feel that their needs are fulfilled and a company actually takes care of them, it is doubtless that they will definitely come back to the company in future to shop additional services or products.

3.Valuable business insights: Data gained from trailing customers will assist you in confirming what works and what doesn’t work in regard to marketing tactics and messages.


It is evident that customers prefer to buy more from retailers who can personalize their shopping experience across various channels.

Don’t be too late if you haven’t started implementing personalization strategies listed above. Companies who can successfully implement personalized marketing experiences will be able to witness an increase in sales and customer loyalty.

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net neutrality on digital marketing featured image

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Repercussions of End of Net Neutrality on Digital Marketing

Nixing the net neutrality regulations that were enacted in 2015 will definitely affect the way digital marketing works. It will also have an effect on brands, consumers and digital marketing agencies. Even though the repeal will take weeks to come into effect there will be potential changes in the way the internet works. Ending net neutrality may stifle innovation and lead to search engine bans. It will for sure have a change in the web traffic that comes through organic searches.

Changes in the Digital Market

There will be a considerable change in the way digital marketing works when the freedom to access content, run applications, attach devices or obtain service plan information is revoked. Smaller brands that have a smaller budget may find it difficult to put their foot down in the digital market. The internet began with the concept of decentralization, making way for the free flow of information. Start-ups will now have to spend a considerable amount to reach their consumers. Basically, it treats one piece of web traffic differently than another piece of traffic. Let us look through the changes net neutrality might bring about on digital marketing.

How it might affect Digital Marketing

Since 1950s Internet Service Providers (ISPs) were prohibited from engaging in prioritization or blocking of websites and slowing broadcasting speeds while browsing a particular site under the law. The recent repeal of net neutrality in the US will no longer require ISPs to provide unrestricted access to the internet. It means that large players who can afford to hit the competition can partnership with ISPs to eliminate competition from smaller, less funded competitors.

Net neutrality evoked competition between all sizes and forms of businesses. This created a demand for digital marketing services such as content marketing, SEO, pay-per-click (PPC), and social media marketing which inspire organic web traffic. Inherently the new law might increase advertising costs.

However, the end of net neutrality may open up a plethora of opportunities for advertisers, agencies, and digital marketers. This might go to an extent where brands may have to start paying up for better bandwidth and one ISP versus another. The new change might take the digital marketing platform from a consumer-centric marketing to a business-centric marketing.

Throttling is favouring one piece of web traffic more than another. It is assumed that throttling and paid prioritization will deliver unpaid websites more slowly than other paid traffic to the user. This opens up opportunities to create unlimited bandwidth or free bandwidth offers where there might be different rate plans to avail different websites.

There prevails a fear in internet discussions that non-neutrality might give service providers unfettered control over the information that can be accessed, and might threaten the freedom and future of the internet. ISPs can choose what users can browse based on what they pay in the absence of net neutrality.

What it means for Digital Marketing Agencies

Agencies used to score with creative content and innovation to help small businesses stand up to their larger counterparts. With non-net neutrality, the same marketing industry is supposed to go frenzied as small brands will have to pay up more from their marketing budget so that they can be visible in the bustling web traffic.

In the absence of an equal playing field, ISPs might be deciding what content gets delivered to users at what speed. It is also assumed that content marketing might be affected because if users can’t access a particular content why would they promote it. Creating and promoting content is likely to be more expensive. On the other hand pay per click will not be affected (of course it is paid for).

The fact is that giant websites can pay ISPs to include them in a higher tier, while your personal blog or your small venture’s business website will always be in the lower tier as you can’t afford to spend huge sums towards keeping up in the higher tier. This means that fewer businesses will be competing in the real scenario, fewer businesses means less competition and thus less demand for digital marketing services.

Anyhow, the outcomes of net neutrality will take some time to come into effect and we can only assume the consequences. Let us hope for a fair, free-flowing battle of wits in the digital marketing scenario.

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How to Set Up Google AMP on Your WordPress Website

Imagine a situation like this. You need to access some information urgently but your data balance is too low.

The dilemma of the situation is that you do not have any means to recharge your data balance and all you can do now is to use the data that’s left wisely.

After a quick Google search, you clicked on a link which led you to an unknown page. Bad luck strikes again when the page displays a pop-up draining all your data.

That Sucks big time doesn’t it?

But no need to worry as new innovations are gaining their foothold in the world of omnipresent internet.

Lately, Google has officially declared that more than 52% search requests that they get are from mobile devices.  Added to that Kissmetrics (Behavioral analytics and engagement platform development company) analysis says that 40% of those users just bounce to other websites if the response time is more than 3 seconds. And moreover, SEO experts have confirmed that latest search updates of Google are giving prominence to mobile friendly websites.

These facts were enough to cement the desperate need for mobile friendly websites.

The arrival of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) was at this crucial juncture of time and has proven to work wonders since then.

What is an AMP? How does it help?


AMP is an open source framework program by Google which helps publishers improve their website’s user experience.

AMP helps publishers develop a skimmed down version of their actual page so that the user will not have to wait for much longer for the access.

Advantage of an AMP powered page is that it there is a strong probability that the website might be showcased in Google Carousel thus increasing the traffic and a swift rise in the ranking.

Have a look at this official video of AMP to get a detailed idea,

How does AMP work?

AMP uses a subset of HTML pages for optimized page rendering. Another indispensable and astounding feature of AMP is that it has an exclusive Javascript.

There are three types of AMP,

  1. AMP HTML: A subset of HTML which has got custom tags and properties. However AMP HTML has got lot of restrictions to keep it minimalistic in terms of size. Those who are exposed to normal HTML language can easily adapt to AMP HTML.
  2. AMP JS: Third party Javascript is not allowed in AMP JS. AMP has their own Java frame work which manages resources as well as asynchronous handling.
  3. AMP CDN: This will help AMP pages get cached automatically in CDN through optimization.

How does AMP make a website accessible in lightning speed?

Focus on the website content: Mostly website takes time to load because of third party applications attached to the website. What AMP does is that it gives primary importance to the content of the website rather than anything else.

Next would be the JAVA part of the website. Instead of loading website’s JAVA elements, AMP loads its own version of it. By doing so obstruction by third party JS can be avoided and the page continues to load with or without the JS script.

 However, such limitations can be tackled by iframes which allow third party JS.

 Static Layout: AMP instantly loads the lay out first so that all the external images, apps or even iframes gets confined inside the layout of a website. By doing this AMP can pre-determine the exact size and shape of the website even before it’s loaded. In Short AMP does not require any other outside resources to load a website instead of that it requires only one HTML request to lay out the entire document.

 Inline, Size-bound CSS: Even though everything works fine and is in the correct order, CSS tend to block the entire rendering page load and has high chance of getting bloated. AMP pages only allow single style sheet and that too inline. As a result a lot of HTTP requests will be removed from the rendering path.

One of the most astounding features of inline CSS is the size itself. The entire script will be of 50KB. Thus, making it easy to load. However, the process also depends on the written CSS quality of the author of the website.

 Font Optimization: Font of websites tends to be super large hence optimization of fonts is necessary to decrease the load time. And mostly, AMP requires zero HTTP requests until the font starts downloading. This is only possible due to the synchronous nature of the java script and only inline style sheets are allowed.

 Style and Lay out recalculation minimization: The browser has to recalculate and lay out the page upon script change or even an update. Since Amp mediates all render operations it minimizes effort. In short, one or two layout is required before a page is fully loaded.

GPU Accelerated Animations: AMP transfers a lot of image loading work to the GPU of a device rather than CPU. This makes the website run faster on your device.

How to Install AMP in a WordPress Website?

1. Install WordPress AMP plugin: At present there are 2 plugins are commonly used by developers. The most famous one is developed by Automattic and the latter developed by CDN. After installation, you can see the optimized version of your website if you add AMP to the end of the permalink.

 For eg: www.ABCDEFG/blopost/amp/


  1. Open the DashBoard
  2. Go to ‘Plugins’
  3. Click ‘Add New’
  4. Type ‘AMP-WP’ in the search box
  5. Chose the desired AMP plugin and click install
  6. After Installation click the ‘Activate Plugin‘ tab
  7. After installation go to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Permalinks’
  8. Click the ‘Save Changes’ button

2. To Validate the AMP version

  1. Paste the AMP version of URL to the Omnibox, Add ‘#develeopment=1’ to the end of the url and press enter
  2. Press CNTRL+SHIFT+I
  3. Select ‘Console’

If everything works fine a message will appear which says that ‘AMP validation successful’

When a user does a search on a mobile device, Google at first searches for an end tag to find out which websites have the mobile version. So the priority always goes to that website which has AMP tag in their link.

<link rel=”amphtml” href=”http://ABCDEFG.com/2016/01/28/a-new-business-model-for-twitter/amp/” /></head>

3. Customize and configure Your AMP Page: After installing AMP to your WordPress website it will create a layout for your page. However, if you need any addition you can avail the help of plugins to edit the CSS as well as your AMP template of the website. For example, you can install analytics, SEO, Adsense etc. to AMP in accordance with your preference.

AMP since it’s open source also has the feature to edit so that any improvement from developers can be added to it.

4. Fixing the Errors: It is obvious and normal that error will pop up after the installation of AMP. If it happens do not panic as AMP is not at all a stand alone plugin which is meant to resolve any mobile optimization related issue of your website. What AMP does is it simplifies layout of your website in each and every scenario. So if there is any kind of error you need to fix it manually which can be easily traced in through WordPress.

AMP is made by Google and they give prominence to websites which have AMP support if there is a search. Fixing errors is a crucial process as it will ensure that your AMP page gets indexed on Google search and cached on AMP CDN (Content Delivery Network). CDN helps AMP websites when there is a search from third party website for eg. Twitter.

Errors of an AMP page can be found by navigating through,

Login to Google search console > Search Appearance > Accelerated Mobile Pages

Last but not least always check for errors after each and every update.

How does AMP influence on Digital Marketing?

Higher traffic: The purpose behind the birth of AMP was to make websites accessible for all users without any delay. Since AMP pages loads within seconds the bounce rate will be less and happy users are more likely to back again.

Higher Ranking: Google has denied that AMP is not at all a criterion for ranking. However, in Google Carousel results, only AMP pages are showcased. and those who are using AMP version of a website will beg to differ as they have seen ranking improvement considerably.

Increase in Paid Search Results: Users tend to hit back to their search after reading the content. Since, pages load within seconds users will have the tendency to access more pages thus increasing clicks on paid search results.

The flexibility of Open Source: The beauty of open source is that it can be improved in accordance with the need of a user. Analytics, as well as SEO extension can be added to the AMP pages so that insight about a website will be detailed and simple.


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9 Digital Marketing Certifications You Can Get in 2017 [Infographic]

Digital Marketing has evolved into a powerful marketing technique of this new age.  The most impressive part about digital marketing is that it does not require much of an investment and the results are amazing. After realizing this immense potential, companies nowadays are hiring more and more experts.

If you are a person who is so much interested in digital marketing the first thing you should do is to get certified by Google, Bing or HubSpot. Most companies prefer digital marketing professionals with certifications as an additional qualification. There are plenty of free certification courses that are now available on the web.

This infographic lists out popular digital marketing certifications that you can acquire in 2017. Let’s see which are they,




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How User Reviews Influence Your Digital Marketing Success

Is your business rated by users on Facebook, Google or App stores? Do you know how these ratings impact your conversions? Read on to understand the role of user review in digital marketing and some guidelines to handle regular as well as negative online reviews.


One of the key differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing is the two way communication between users and marketers. Online platforms like Facebook, Yelp, Justdial and other review sites have given consumers a seat on the marketing table. Consumers are continuously shaping how you are perceived online by

  • choosing what to read and watch,
  • interacting with brands publicly, and
  • providing reviews to the world.

Negative user reviews have the power to take you down despite brilliant digital marketing efforts.

According to 2016 survey by Vendasta, online reviews impact 88% of purchase decisions. 92% of consumers now read online reviews vs. 88% in 2014 and star rating is the number one factor used by consumers to judge a business.

User review is just the online version of the good old ‘word of mouth’ channel of marketing. For past few years social factor is a major influence in buyer’s decision. Following are the ways in which user reviews influence your digital marketing:

1. Form a brand personality

Your online presence gives your brand a personality. Information like how active you are on social media platforms and your responsiveness form an instant image in the reader’s mind.

But these are not the only information shaping your image. Visitors give more importance to other user reviews on your product and service. 73% of consumers form an opinion by reading up to six reviews.

2. Impact your Sales and Conversions

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. User reviews have a direct and strong impact on online sales. Think about the last time you brought a product online. Did you look for the star rating or scroll down to see product reviews?

According to a survey 94% consumers would use a business with a four star rating whereas only 14% would consider a business with a one or two star rating.

3. Better Ranking

Yes, review ratings can help you rank higher in search engines. Google rates local business on prominence which is indicated by user reviews and ratings. More reviews can give you better visibility not only in Google but on other social media platforms as well.

4. Generate Ideas for Digital Marketing

User reviews are ears of a marketer in this digital world. You can find out what your customers like, why they buy from you and why they don’t. Good marketing is all about listening and those who listen well to the user reviews can adapt their digital marketing strategy effectively.

User reviews can give you

How to Support Digital Marketing with great User Reviews

Presence of user reviews on your site can increase your conversions by 4.6% according to Reevo. Here is what you can do to make sure user reviews are supporting your digital marketing efforts:

  • Ask your customers to review you online. You can send them mails or notifications to do so. Higher number of reviews improve visitor conversion rate. Make the process of reviewing your business easy and quick.
  • Make sure you have recent reviews. 44% of survey participants said reviews must be less than a month old to be relevant.
  • Be responsive and reply to maximum comments in a relevant manner.
How to Handle Negative User Reviews

There may be instances of negative ratings and user reviews. If you are a large company some negative reviews are inevitable. Following are the best practices to follow while resolving them:

  • Never delete the review  –  Ignoring the review is the worst response. You can reply with an apology and a solution where possible. In fact, negative reviews are not necessarily a bad. 68% of consumers trust reviews more when they see both positive and negative ratings. Users suspect fake and censored reviews if there are no bad reviews at all.
  • Try your best to resolve  – Take feedback positively and resolve the issue at the earliest. This is an opportunity to fix your product and service before it costs you money in recall or damages. According to a study for every customer that complains there are 26 unhappy customers who remain silent (Lee resource). Be glad someone spoke up and resolve the issue.  Also, if a business resolves its issue quickly and efficiently, 95% of unhappy customers return back to your business.
  • Don’t get defensive  –  Never get defensive or attack the customer with logical arguments. Lay down the reason/ facts and apologies to close the issue. A full blown fight can quickly become viral on social media. This will harm your reputation even if you are right on your part.

Reviews are going to be a major part of digital marketing strategy in coming years. User reviews help build trust with your business and directly affect your conversions.

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Digital Marketing Services

2 years ago on

Report Says 87% Brands are Now Opting for Digital Marketing

Social Beat, digital marketing agency released digital marketing industry report 2016 in May and June 2016 with 376 Chief Marketing Officers and marketing heads of various companies.

According to the report, 87 per cent of brands are choosing digital marketing instead of television and print medium for customer engagement and brand promotion due to increased usage of internet.

“The report highlights the rise of digital marketing services, though brands continue to use television and print medium to have a 360 degree approach. About 87 per cent of brands surveyed, leverage digital marketing,” Social Beat Co-Founder, Vikas Chawla said.

“While brand awareness and lead generation seem to be the primary goals, digital marketing is increasingly being leveraged for customer engagement and customer service too,” he said.

Social Beat Co-Founder Suneil Chawla noted that about 10 per cent of brands surveyed spend more than Rs one crore annually on digital marketing and 50 percent of them spend over Rs six lakh annually.”

Overall 20 per cent brands plan to increase their digital marketing spends by 25 per cent in next financial year, he said.


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Social Media Marketing Services

2 years ago on

What to Look for When Hiring Social Media Marketing Services

We can’t deny that social media is a great platform for all brands. Despite the turnover, businesses, whether it is small or large scale industry, strive to be a leader in Social Media Marketing.

According to a recent study, 41.5% of businesses are investing 1-5% of their marketing budgets on social media. These figures clearly show brands are conscious of increasing their identities and hunting for expertise from top Social Media Marketing Services.

Here are some useful tips for you if you are looking to hire a social media service.

  1. Cooperate and Work Together

If you consider the Social Media Marketing Services just as an outsourcing agency, of course, you are on the wrong path. Obviously they have the expertise to make your brand a success, but don’t forget you are the brand custodian, get involved.

Keep in mind, they know how to market via social media, but you know your brand better. They can guide you how to reach your audience, but you know the real customers. So there will be many situations where you and your marketing services have to work together. Your brand will be a success only if you and your agency work in tandem.

Be prepared to hand over your account details to a new agency if your social media was being managed by any other agency till now. Make sure that all your passwords and admin rights are deleted from the older agency. It will take a couple of weeks for the new agency to understand your social media strategies so far, so cooperate with them.

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  1. Set Goals and Missions

You should get acquainted with team members of the new agency. Try to give them a clear picture about your brand. To be precise, you are supposed to make them understand about your brand’s philosophy, legacy and the real purpose of your brand not only on social media but in all spheres of its existence.

It is good if you can exactly define what your expectation of social media marketing is, by setting short term and long term goals for your brand.

It is important that the agency team should have an idea about your office culture. You can invite their team to your company. This will help them know about the back- end working, your manufacturing style, how your employees work etc. Sometimes they might find a story from your working ambience to include in their social media campaign for your brand.

  1. Reporting methods and accountability

Reporting methods and accountability is an important process because it helps the metrics to determine what is working and what is not. A mutual discussion between the agency and you help to make sure the reports, numbers, insights would be needed by your marketing team. You have to precisely define schedules and timelines for these reports. Ensuring the data needed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis is also important.

You might be using a social media tool earlier, if so, share your credentials with your new Social Media Marketing Service. They will use the tool and give you reports, helping your marketing team to schedule upcoming quarters. You should seek suggestions from your agency on how to make things better. Suppose there was a decrease in traffic, your agency will comment on it and suggest you measures to rectify it.

  1. Get updated by involving

Everyday social media evolves with new ideas. For example, if an idea works today will be out- of- date in the coming month. As trends change day- by- day, your agency must be updated with the latest trends in the market. You guys both need to work in tandem to know the changes in the market.

Try to conduct brainstorming sessions in a month to place your brand in more impressing ways. Invite employees from different departments of your company to suggest their ideas. Sometimes fresh ideas will come even from people with no marketing background.

You should make your employees understand what their company is doing on social media. Conduct social media awareness sessions with the agency teams and employees from your company. Get updated with the latest features brought in by Twitter or Facebook. Also, find if there is any feature suitable for adopting by your brand.

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  1. Trust your Social Media Marketing Service

When you hire a social media service, you should allow them free to work in their own style. You only need to give them guidelines and content. Allow them to communicate with whoever they want. It is good to keep an eye on the activities on social media but never command them how to operate it.

Sometimes there may be situations to do things spontaneously. So, you have to believe in your social media service’s capability. They know what to do for the betterment of your brand. If they get a sign from your side that you trust them, then they can work with much confidence. This will give you incredible results.

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2 years ago on

6 Ways Hiring SEO Services in India is Vital for Your Success

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in increasing organic traffic to your website which will lead to higher sales and brand building.

SEO services includes all the things essential to optimize websites for better search engine rankings. As more and more business owners are opening online stores to offer products and services, it is important for you to promote  your business website. SEO services help in fulfilling this task through various tools and techniques. Learn why you need to hire SEO services in India for your online business website:

1.Reduces Gestation Period

Search engine optimization can help you in reducing the gestation period to great extent. Effective internet marketing strategies will assist you in promoting not only your company but also your products. These days SEO Companies have also started offering Social Media Optimization Services where your products or brand can be promoted at mass level. Apart from this, you can be benefited from organic traffic which would be coming from various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alta Vista etc.

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2.Website Visibility

Having a website is not sufficient, you need to make it visible on the web. Visibility of a website is enhanced when it starts appearing among the top search engine results. This is an important reason to hire SEO services so that your website follows the right track to achieve recognition. There are also activities such as forum submissions, social bookmarking, etc which can reach a different set of audience.

3.Traffic Diversion

If your website is not visited by the targeted audience, there is no use of having a website at all. In order to obtain more and more web traffic to your website, you must have your website listed among the top search results. This can be achieved faster and in a practical way by hiring SEO services in India and around the world.

4.Keyword Research and Utilization

Keywords are the building blocks of search engine optimization. However, you need to find the right keywords related to your niche and use them effectively to achieve search engine visibility. It may appear easy, but requires a lot of skills which only an SEO expert can offer.

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5.Overcoming Competition

You are bound to face tough competition in your niche, as soon as you take your business online. Each of the rival website owners have the wish to appear among top search engine results. By hiring the expert search engine optimization services, you get the right platform to survive the competition.

6.Instant Results

The third reason for considering SEO Services is the availability of instant results. Once search engine optimization is done on your website, you will start seeing the results instantaneously. You can always search out for some professional SEO Service providers irrespective of the nature or type of your business.

Now a days, SEO services are essential for your online visibility. So you have to be careful while hiring an SEO Service provider. You must keep in mind that the service provider you choose must follow the guidelines provided by Google and other major search engines. Otherwise your website can get penalized for black hat tactics.

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Social Media Marketing

2 years ago on

8 Social Media Marketing Benefits For Your Business

Social media is a powerful platform for marketers to reach out to prospects. They can be used for direct marketing as well as to maintain public relations. Facebook and LinkedIn are the two most leading social media platforms used for marketing. It is found that most of the users use social media for researching brand, products or services before making the decision to buy.

People were doubtful about social media marketing at first, but they were proven wrong as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter among others became a hit among brands.

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The following are 8 ways business stand to benefit from implementing social media marketing:

Helps to cut the overall marketing costs

Social networks are one of the best cost-effective methods to popularize your brand among target customers. The overhead cost for tweeting a message, promoting through Facebook or pinning a photo of the product to Pinterest is minimal when compared to billboards, TV and newspaper ads.

If you have marketing budget, social media channels will offer advanced but affordable advertising which target the audience by using keywords, interest based and demographic campaigns. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook offer more specific parameters for targeting.

One needs to create compelling and optimized content to make the domain seem high up on the search results page. By sharing this content through various social portals, they can capture the interest of readers who may visit, like or share content on the website and link to it from their own domains. Search engines such as Google and Bing consider these social signals to rank on the search results page.

Social media marketing is extremely useful and beneficial to discuss customer comments, concerns and questions. Customers can directly interact with owners through platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Owners can answer them in a public format so that other customers can realize the quality of company’s customer service. Quicker responses can be delivered by brands to customers through social media. This helps in building brand awareness.

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Provides an opportunity to associate with other businesses

Through social media, a company can not only interact with consumers, but also with entrepreneurs and owners of other businesses. They help to have a real conversation with important personalities who may not otherwise be accessible socially or globally in the real world.

By allowing customers to directly interact with company, they are able to get the best customer service. Each and every response of customers is seen by the public. Hence if one of the customers appreciates the service of the company, it will directly show in the good online reputation of the company.

Helps to gain competitive advantage

Social media marketing helps to cope with competition by connecting with current and prospective customers in an organic way across the web. It can help boost search rankings, connect with new business partners, offer better customer service, and thus create a better online personality.

So, if you haven’t started marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Pinterest among others, you might be missing some real opportunities. So, start now! Better late than never.

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Email Marketing : Still Far from Over

2 years ago on

Email Marketing: Still Far from Over


The status of email marketing is a popular topic for debate in every Digital Marketing Agency. Is it dead or alive as of now? Well, email marketing is something that will never ever leave its place in the world of digital marketing. Its importance and presence can never be ignored. Email marketing is not dead, definitely not, and neither will it die anytime in the near future.

A simple statistic will prove the importance of emails in our everyday lives: Over 200 million emails are sent out in a single minute every day. So, you see how heavily email is used as a communication platform for brands, marketers, and even consumers.

There are even more numbers to prove this fact. Over 72% of the adults in USA have stated that they prefer the companies to communicate with them through email rather than any other platform. 91% said they would love to receive promotional emails from the companies that they do business with. As far as the companies are concerned, 72% of them have said that they use email marketing as an integral part of their business and marketing efforts. 25% of the companies consider email as the top most priority and channel for an advantageous return on investment.

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If you are still not convinced and doubtful about the existence of email marketing, here you have three major reasons why email marketing is not going anywhere. Go through them and decide for yourself.

  1. The advantages of social marketing

Social media has a lot of fancy and exciting options to it. This is why there are several rumours that it is slowly killing email marketing which is more of old school. Well, even though social marketing may seem to be more effective in certain case, this one marketing medium is not able to do anything alone by its own. This is one point you need to keep in mind. Vanity metrics and other hollow impressions usually give the marketers a sense of false satisfaction about social marketing. There are simply distracting you.

There are a number of marketers who try their best to gather attention through slightly spammy tactics on social media like filling out Twitter feeds with automated tweets all round the clock, blasting their pages on Facebook with completely irrelevant posts and updates, sending direct messages that are nothing but automated, and also using a huge number of cat memes and circulating them. They do not understand how annoying these techniques can be. Spamming only reduces your followers. They tempt the users to click the unfollow button, and you do more harm than good.

Email marketing, on the other hand, provides useful and relevant content to the audience. This audience consists of people who have willingly subscribed to receive newsletters and other informative emails and would love to learn more. As per data collected in 2012, nearly 90 percent of the internet users have an email account while a smaller number of just 70 percent have an account on any of the social media networking websites. This proves that email is still reigning as the top most form of communication. If you want to reach a majority of the audience and increase your reach, then email is definitely what you need as it is the most effective method in this case.

  1. It is evolving at a higher rate

With emails, brands could get the power to drive customer engagement by monitoring, testing, measuring, and tweaking the emails sent out as newsletters or targeted offerings. The whole game of email marketing has now changed and evolved to a greater extent. Slowly, it is ceasing to be a medium purely for communication purposes to a complete platform that could help the different brands deliver their experiences across various channels.

Here are some of the key email trends that have been explored by Liga Bizune in a recent article that illustrate how emails are slowly evolving to become more than just a channel for communication:

  • Wearable technologies are evolving. This will slowly change the way brands communicate with the email subscribers.
  • A new technique of email marketing will surface, which will be hyper-targeted and also location based. The credits for this goes to the integration of proximity and geo-location applications into emails.
  • Behavioural email marketing will start to get driven by predictive analysis.
  • As emails are transitioning to mobiles, it has become more necessary than ever to develop better and more creative content. This is the only way to capture the attention of the audience and keep them hooked on.
  • Videos have started to evolve and find their own place in the world of marketing. They will start playing an even bigger role in email marketing. A bigger emphasis needs to be put into this aspect.

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  1. Correct execution makes it most effective

Emails need to be used properly and effectively to make it more than just a passé. The biggest challenge you face in case of newsletters is that only a small part of the subscribers actually care to open and read the email newsletters you send out to them. This does not, in any way, imply that email is dead or dying. It just points to the fact that your newsletters are not able to make the mark among the audience. They either fail to create the interest in them or your calls to action are not effective enough. Ask yourself a few questions to get your answers:

  • How is the tone of your content? Is it purely promotional and impersonal, or is it helpful and friendly?
  • Are you making an effective and meaningful one on one engagement through your content?
  • Are you striking up a conversation with the reader, or are you just talking at them to get your job done?

These questions will help you understand where you are going wrong. Understand the effectiveness of email marketing to be able to use it in the best way possible.

One thing you need to remember is that email marketing is not going anywhere. Each and every Digital Marketing Agency makes sure to emphasise this point. If you even believe that emails are dying and there is no point in marketing via emails, you will surely start missing out on the wide range of opportunities that this platform has got to offer you. Do not make this mistake, and keep your place in the digital world.

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