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11 Reasons Why No One is Watching Your Video Content [Infographic]

Video is a powerful medium for promotional activities of businesses. As a marketer, you might have created several videos for the promotional activities of your business. Though such videos are of good quality you may not get enough viewers for it. What will be the reason for this? There may be many reasons for less viewership of your videos. The problem may be with your video content strategy.

We have a created a list of reasons that keep the viewers skip your video. There are also suggestions listed here in the form an infographic to get you more viewers for your marketing videos. We hope this illustration will help you to formulate a better video content strategy next time.


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8 Types of Digital Content

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8 Types of Digital Content Created by Content Marketing Agencies

Your blogs might have been to be a hit among the audience in the past with lots of user traffic, visitors etc. But then, the pace remained the same forever or a bit slower with visitors leaving your site on a daily basis. What could have gone wrong? Of course! They got bored of the same type of content you kept on giving them.

Being creative is now the only way for your content to get notified. Try a different type of digital content and there, you’ll get to see your site buzzing with visitors. However, it shouldn’t stop here. Keep trying different types of content from time to time to help your business thrive.

Here’s a list of different types of digital content created by content creation agencies, for you to choose from:

Long form blogs

So, what are long form blogs?  Some claim that those blogs with a word count of may be 1500 words while some say that long-form blogs are those with a word count of about 3500 words. Whatever, the truth is, the idea is to create an article that goes on until you get tired of scrolling. Long form content has always been there; but, it started getting noticed only by 2013-2014. It has now become the most popular style among bloggers. Long form blogs have become much popular these days because:

Google said it: According to Google, longer content contain more information and therefore, helps solve many queries of the audience at once. Also, some SEO experts suggest that long form blogs rank better in Google search results.

Popular bloggers said it: Bloggers, big and small, have been suggesting for a while that long form blogs are important.

Short form blogs

Short form blogs are those with maximum word count of 1000 words. The fact that short form blogs have lesser word count, that may go down to 250 words or lesser, can make it less popular in SEO. Therefore, it’s important the blogs being short, should also be precise and unique. The content should be good enough for the audience to stop and take notice.


Digital content in the form of video gives you a large variety of choices. Regardless of the type it is, a good video always remains etched to the audience’s memory. If a video is done well, it can be extremely compelling. The duration of the video depends on your requirements (it can be educational, business, marketing). You can check out this blog for using video in your marketing or promotional campaign.


Podcasts are digital audio files that are used to share information through computers or any portable music devices such as MP3 players or iPods. Businesses usually use podcasts to share information regarding their new products, about the company or about the general happenings in the industry.  Podcasts provide an insight to the audience about how much a business knows about the industry, thus helping to build trust among them. Also, the audience feel directly connected to the business as they get to hear the voice of the presenter.

Podcasts are affordable compared to other marketing technique as the location of creating podcasts do not matter, be it an office or home. All it needs is a computer, a microphone and software to edit the recordings. Remember, regular podcasts can help your business in attracting your target audience, thus helping to build brand awareness.  You can even publish the podcast transcript, thus, adding to the SEO value.

Social media content

Majority of people around the globe use various social media platforms due to which they have found a place in the marketing strategy. You may not find another medium to reach your content to the audience  in a short span of time and the benefit is that, you get to connect directly with your potential customers. Remember, your content must say more about your brand while keeping the audience interested. Keep reminding them about what you offer. After about five to six exposure, the audience will surely feel compelled to go for your products.


Copywriting is the process of writing advertising materials such as blogs, newsletters, marketing campaigns etc. The words should be persuasive enough for the audience to take an action, thus driving traffic to your business website. Effective copywriting includes:

  • Attention grabbing headlines that compel the audience to click the link to read further
  • Content that provides just the information that the reader needs
  • Interesting content that helps the audience to easily connect with your business, while building trust and brand recognition
  • Content that tells the audience what to do next, such as signing up for newsletters, click a link to visit a website, social media page etc.

You can implement your own copywriting strategy for promoting your products and services to the right audience. You can use Definitive Guide to Copywriting by Quicksprout as your reference material.


Infographics refers to the visual representation of information. The fact that visuals tend to stay in people’s minds than text works in favour of infographics. As a result, infographics is the most shared content compared to other digital content types. Infographics can include anything such as general information, data, statistics etc. Almost everyone is making infographics these days and therefore, it is important to be creative with your infographics for audience to take notice.  You can also create gifographic, which is a type of infographic, but contains animated GIF images instead of static images like in normal infographics.


E-books consist of large content of a minimum word count of 10,000 words, in PDF format and are downloadable. An e-book gives an insight of your knowledge about an industry and is the most effective way of sharing your knowledge with others.  While creating an e-book, make sure that the content is divided into topics making it easier for the users to read. Remember, your e-book’s title plays an important role in the audiences’ decision regarding downloading your e-book. Therefore, make sure that the title is catchy and relevant.

An e-book with just texts is usually considered not worth reading. Therefore, try to include graphics and make sure that the e-book’s content is formatted well to grab attention. It is always best to create both PDF and HTML versions of your e-book. You can add video and audio to the HTML version.


Rather than using one type of digital content for all of your marketing campaigns, you can use different types as mentioned earlier. These days, content marketing agencies try to experiment with their content with the aim of attracting target audience, increase engagement, and share to others.


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Tricks to Make Your Content Visible to Internet Audience

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Tricks to Make Your Content Visible to Internet Audience

What’s your idea of successful web content?

Most commonly, people think it’s avoiding grammatical errors, placing keywords perfectly and using simple language.

Agreed. These are important aspects of great website content. But, these points alone can’t make it the most successful web content. To say that web content is successful, it should be visible to millions in the Internet. For that, simply posting the content in a website is not enough. You should put some extra efforts so that your content is in the spotlight!

Follow these simple tactics to help your web content earn attention:

Research vastly

More you research on a topic, that much comprehensive your content will be. You should be spending about 60-70% of your total time on research before you start writing. This will help you understand the subject very well. Your research can include infinite number of topics such as present trends, hottest topics, key words that work etc.

Check quality using SEO

If you thought Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was just about inserting key words, you are wrong. SEO can search for the issues that hinder the visibility of your content in the Internet. Seek help from an SEO expert to do that for you would be beneficial. You may need to spend time and money for the same, but it is worth the effort.

Do not stuff keywords

Integrating keywords into your content can have a great impact on web traffic and search engine rankings. But, it doesn’t mean that you must intentionally incorporate keywords into every sentence you write. High keyword density is only going to make your content boring. It’s not going to do any good for you.

Keep it short and sweet

Long and complicated sentences can make any reader dizzy. Internet users in particular, are impatient readers. They’ll lose interest in your content if they see long, tiring sentences and paragraphs. Stick to short and simple sentences that the readers can understand. You can also try methods like subheadings, bullet points, numbering etc. This can make the content appealing and interesting.

Be unique

Research is good. But, it doesn’t mean that whatever you researched must reflect in your content as it is. Try to be different.  You can express your views about the topic in the content. Be natural with your thoughts. But, do not act like a pro. The readers of your content may be anyone from a beginner to an expert.

Add quality images

More than words, it’s the images that attract web traffic. Also, the number of image searches is at a rise these days. Therefore, never take them lightly. The images must be relevant to the content. Also, they should be unique.  Images don’t just mean those placed between texts in a blog. It can be Infographics, graphs, pie charts etc. that go with the text of the content.

Share your content

Nowadays, everybody uses social media platforms to share anything online. Why not use the same platform to promote your business?  You can use popular social media websites to share your content and earn potential customers.

The above mentioned tricks can be used to instil interest among global audience and help your business to flourish.  However, this is not the end! There are many more ways you can use to turn an ordinary web content into something unique.

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