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5 Ways to Create Customer-Centric Content

In the modern era, the future of a brand lies in the hands of online communities. The collective voice of online consumers is so powerful that it can either make a brand successful or bring it down to nothingness. This has been the trend of marketing today and we’ve all seen such events unfold before us.

How many times have you come across a Facebook post wherein customers are roasting a particular brand for an oversight or mistake? This may not result in the end of a company but it can deeply affect its brand image. In short, brands must be wary of the voice of online customers and strive to leverage it to their own benefit.

One of the most popular yet challenging ways to gain customers’ trust is through customer-centric content. Such content helps to position your brand as an authoritative and credible leader in the market.

Now, let us understand what customer-centric content is?

In traditional forms of marketing, content is focused on putting the brand in the forefront. It is aimed at generating brand awareness, website traffic, and driving leads through the sales funnel.

Customer-centric content, on the other hand, targets these objectives through a more subtle approach. Some of the characteristics of this form of content are:

  • It is based on data collected from the target audience
  • It provides readers value without requesting for anything in return
  • It is customized according to certain user preferences
  • It is in sync with a brand’s customer-centric approach

Let us now look at 5 different ways of creating customer-centric content:

1. Create Customer Personas

Customer personas help in creating content that is relevant for the buyers. It is basically a guideline to understand the real customer, their job titles, their interests and preferences and education level. There are several free persona templates that startup brands can use.

Once customer personas are created, set out to establish your marketing message, your mission statement, and the possible reactions of the audience to your value proposition. Keep referring to these personas during content development to ensure that your communication remains relevant.

2. Interview the Audience

In order to understand the audiences’ mindset or fill out personas accurately, you must collect information and data. Interviewing the target audience is one of the best ways to acquire data. This could be a face-to-face interview or an online survey created using Google Forms.

Take a look at your customer personas to understand what kind of information you need and frame the questions of the interview/survey accordingly. You can maximize the response rate for your survey by offering a discount or incentive for responding to it.

3. Search Engine Optimization

This is a widely recognized approach and you must utilize it in the best manner possible. Creating consumer-centric content involves a presence on platforms that are used to find solutions to their problems. Search engines are one of the most popularly used discovery platforms for consumers. The tricks and tactics for this technique are easily available online.

You must also identify keyword opportunities on the basis of what consumers are searching for. AdWords Keyword Planner is a tool that can help to create the right content for the right customer using the right keywords. Make use of this tool efficiently as it will give you an insight into the topics that your customers are talking about.

4. Focus on the Content Format

The content format is dependent on customer demographics. For instance, if you are reaching out to professionals, you must utilize whitepapers, case studies or research reports. Similarly, if you are trying to engage with teenagers, your content must take the form of quizzes or humour.

Furthermore, the consumption channel will also vary on the basis of your target audience. This focuses on the social media platforms and an understanding of where your target audience is active.

5. Eliminate the Jargon

Certain brands tend to utilize jargon in their communication. Remember that this does not impress the audience since they are unable to comprehend what you are trying to say. Always keep the language simple and easy to understand. Keep it concise and straight to the point.

Customer-centric content is of immense importance today and no brand can attain success till they start focusing on this aspect of marketing. Without resourceful and engaging content, a brand cannot place itself in the customer’s mind and will eventually die out of the market.

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Why Content Matters in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has emerged as one of the most advantageous types of digital marketing. Businesses can grow exponentially if they utilize the technique in an effective manner. The success of a social media marketing strategy lies in the activity the brand chooses to execute and the way they visualize this form of marketing.

A lot of brands think of social media to be a means of getting more likes, engagement, reach, and retweets. But we suggest you focus on sharing high quality content in order to engage in a dialogue with users and thereby generate a lead.

Here’s what content can do for your social media marketing strategy and help to build a brand:

  1. Expand your network and establish credibility

High-quality content can do wonders on social media. In fact, experts suggest that social media and content marketing go hand-in-hand. All you need to do is figure out what types match the best with each other, and once you have discovered the right pair, you will be able to reach out to large audiences without any obstructions.

Usually, brands publish content on their official website and promote it using social media handles. They expect immediate results but content marketing is not able to deliver the same. Content marketing must build up momentum in order to deliver the kind of results brands desire.

According to content marketing experts, companies must consistently provide valuable content to their target audience. In the course of time, this engaging content will be able to pull the users and help the brand establish credibility. This is an organic approach and may take time to reap results.

If you are confident of the value of your content and believe that it is worthy of the reader’s attention, you may force it to more audiences using sponsored posts and tweets on Facebook and Twitter. You could also tie up with influencers and grow your brand’s reach.

  1. Establish a connection with the brand

Content marketing focuses on establishing a connection between a brand and its target audience. This connection must have an emotional appeal to it. Moreover, content has the power to make people empathetic towards a brand.

A content marketing strategy must be so strong that it should be able to convince prospects to convert into sales. This means that you require content that is unique and valuable. Start by sharing and demonstrating the values of your company through the content you share on social media.

  1. Be an authority

If you regularly address current affairs and specific topics of concern relevant to your industry, you are viewed as an authority. The value and relevance of your content strike a chord with the readers and they will await the next piece of content you publish. And social media is the best place to share such content and engage with your users.

People today don’t have much time, but if they come across content that is valuable, they love it. They tend to share it in their groups and networks giving you the publicity and engagement you require. You need not use technical jargon or absolute facts based on research in order to be an authority. Content written in a manner that is interesting and understandable has huge potential with the reader.

  1. Improves conversion rates

Content marketing is the only tool that permits you to create appropriate remarketing lists. This is done using content analytics.

Your website has a number of webpages with different content and there’s also a lot of content on your social media handles rerouting the user to different links on your website. Google Analytics sets a code on your website that tracks visitors and gives you an analysis of their behaviour. This data is further used to prepare remarketing lists and show prospects content that they were interested in.

If your business stays in front of the prospects at regular intervals, chances that they become a customer when considering a purchase decision are high.

Social media platforms have become the new tool for marketers, however, if you are looking at reaching out to more customers, your content must be high-quality and valuable. Perform a thorough analysis of your target audience before devising a content marketing strategy so that you can offer the content they are looking for.

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1 month ago on

15 Best Content Curation Tools You Can Use in 2018 [Infographic]

Creating content that is relevant to your audience is crucial for digital marketing success. Content curation can help you to find interesting topics from a variety of sources and share it strategically via different social media channels. It also help you to determine the interests of your target audience. There are many tools available for content curation. Using the right tools will help you to generate content that your target audience like to read.

We have listed some popular content curation tools in the form an infographic to help you create high quality content.

Let’s have a look

best content curation tools to use in 2018 infographic

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create exceptional content

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Guide to Create Exceptional Content for Your Business

It is totally your choice on how much time and effort you want to put into creating exceptional content and helping your brand prosper. You can choose to go on with bad content but you will definitely not get anywhere with it. It will prove to be a total waste of time, energy and money.

In order to boost your ranking in SEO and increase website traffic, you need quality content on your website. If the content is original, then that could help you get more exposure on search engines. In fact, Google penalizes sites which have copied or duplicated content. So, quality content would not only help to make your website look more attractive but also help to improve the overall ranking of your website.

Below are a few tips to create exceptional content for your business:

1. Create Original and Unique Content

Copying content from other websites could lead to severe consequences from Google and your visitors. When we say originality, we mean original ideas and not re-phrasing the existing content and concept. If you think that you can hire cheap labour to just fill up your website with content or just collect different articles available on the internet and re-post them, then you are making a big mistake.

Always remember, if you pay well, then you get quality and if you don’t have any quality content, then it is better to not write anything. These are two simple principles which you should remember. These would take you a long way.

2. Pay more focus on Headers and Sub-headers

Your content should have proper headings and sub-headings. If the headlines are interesting, then the reader automatically gains interest in the article. As per commonly known statistics, about 80% of the people tend to read only the headlines and only 20% of the readers actually spend the time to read the other content under the headers.

Have as many headings as possible in your article. You should try to highlight the headings to make them prominent to your readers. Take the time to create good, relevant to the topic and interesting headlines. A good way for deciding headings would be by thinking of a few and then shortlisting the one you like the most. Don’t ignore the headings. Depending on the headings, people decide if they are going to read your blog or not.

3. Give your Readers Actionable Content

You should give proper guidance on how to use or apply the information given in the content. Don’t feel that you are degrading the users by telling them what to do. You must give assurance to the readers that they are very well aware of how to use the knowledge they have picked up from the content.

In your content, you must give tips to your readers about what information you are offering to them. You have to write in a way that you cover all the possible questions the readers have in mind – why, what, how, where etc.

4. Your Content should be able to Give all the Answers

When people use a search engine like Google, they are looking for some answers. They search for a particular query and search engine delivers the answer to their query. Similarly, when a reader is reading your blog or article, then he is expecting some answer so that he can gain some knowledge about the topic.

You should make your content easy to read and scan because readers are looking for answers, that too fast. So, it is important to make sure that they get all the answers too quickly. Include as many titles and sub-titles in your content which makes it easy for the reader to read and understand.

5. The Source of Information and the Statistics should be Accurate

Thousands of people are going to read your content and it is extremely bad for the reputation of your business in case the information stated in it is not relevant.

The content on your website is the reflection of your business. You must get statistics verified before you mention them on your website. Accuracy is important to gain the readers’ trust. Below are certain tips which you can follow when tackling the accuracy issues:

> Be sure of the source from where you are picking up the statistic details. If you are intending to provide a link to another website in yours for statistics, then you must make sure that it is a genuine and authentic website. If it is a quality website, then it would help gain the trust of the readers.

> If you are linking content within your website to substantiate what you are writing, then that can be extremely helpful in gaining the readers’ trust. People start feeling that the content is authentic as it can be validated.

> If you link your content to other sources then that would help the search engines in knowing about your content and it will help them categorize it.

6. Create Content that keeps the Readers Engaged and Curious to Read more

If a reader finds your content engaging and interesting then he spends more time on your website. The only trick to achieve this is by writing your content well. Here are a few tips to achieve this:

  • Include many questions in the article which keep the readers thinking about what the answer could be. You need to build the readers’ curiosity to continue reading to get the answers. Remember not to leave any question unanswered in your article. This could make the reader feel irritated.
  • Most of the readers read the first few lines of the article properly and continue reading the article only if they like the introduction. You should have an interesting and involving start to your article or blog. You should discuss the key features of your article and give the readers a motivation to keep reading.
  • Visitors like reading about different experiences and stories that people have actually experienced in life. Stories keep people involved, engaged and give them a huge amount of information.

7. Adding Images and Videos is Always Liked

As we all know that people understand better by seeing, images and videos are always a good idea to make people learn about what you are talking in the article. Diagrams and graphs are also a great way to illustrate your point..

8. Content should be Crisp and Precise

You should always remember to make your content brief and to the point. Make sure you don’t repeat the same point in your article in different ways. Readers don’t like repetition. No need to worry about the word count, instead focus on making it precise. Avoid going off the topic, as that might make readers lose their interest in your article.

9. Keep Updating Your Article Frequently

Once you build a website, you should always remember that you have to stay committed to it forever. Search engines prefer those sites more who are regularly updating their content. Most of the top websites update their content very often. There are several statistics too which prove that websites whose content is updated frequently tend to attract visitors.

Don’t treat the content of your website lightly. It is difficult and extremely time-consuming to write good content. You must make sure that the language you use is simple and the article shouldn’t have grammatical and spelling errors.

After you have written an article, you should proofread it at least two times before publishing it on the website. Keep the content entertaining and original for the readers.

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11 Reasons Why No One is Watching Your Video Content [Infographic]

Video is a powerful medium for promotional activities of businesses. As a marketer, you might have created several videos for the promotional activities of your business. Though such videos are of good quality you may not get enough viewers for it. What will be the reason for this? There may be many reasons for less viewership of your videos. The problem may be with your video content strategy.

We have a created a list of reasons that keep the viewers skip your video. There are also suggestions listed here in the form an infographic to get you more viewers for your marketing videos. We hope this illustration will help you to formulate a better video content strategy next time.


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8 Types of Digital Content

8 months ago on

8 Types of Digital Content Created by Content Marketing Agencies

Your blogs might have been to be a hit among the audience in the past with lots of user traffic, visitors etc. But then, the pace remained the same forever or a bit slower with visitors leaving your site on a daily basis. What could have gone wrong? Of course! They got bored of the same type of content you kept on giving them.

Being creative is now the only way for your content to get notified. Try a different type of digital content and there, you’ll get to see your site buzzing with visitors. However, it shouldn’t stop here. Keep trying different types of content from time to time to help your business thrive.

Here’s a list of different types of digital content created by content creation agencies, for you to choose from:

Long form blogs

So, what are long form blogs?  Some claim that those blogs with a word count of may be 1500 words while some say that long-form blogs are those with a word count of about 3500 words. Whatever, the truth is, the idea is to create an article that goes on until you get tired of scrolling. Long form content has always been there; but, it started getting noticed only by 2013-2014. It has now become the most popular style among bloggers. Long form blogs have become much popular these days because:

Google said it: According to Google, longer content contain more information and therefore, helps solve many queries of the audience at once. Also, some SEO experts suggest that long form blogs rank better in Google search results.

Popular bloggers said it: Bloggers, big and small, have been suggesting for a while that long form blogs are important.

Short form blogs

Short form blogs are those with maximum word count of 1000 words. The fact that short form blogs have lesser word count, that may go down to 250 words or lesser, can make it less popular in SEO. Therefore, it’s important the blogs being short, should also be precise and unique. The content should be good enough for the audience to stop and take notice.


Digital content in the form of video gives you a large variety of choices. Regardless of the type it is, a good video always remains etched to the audience’s memory. If a video is done well, it can be extremely compelling. The duration of the video depends on your requirements (it can be educational, business, marketing). You can check out this blog for using video in your marketing or promotional campaign.


Podcasts are digital audio files that are used to share information through computers or any portable music devices such as MP3 players or iPods. Businesses usually use podcasts to share information regarding their new products, about the company or about the general happenings in the industry.  Podcasts provide an insight to the audience about how much a business knows about the industry, thus helping to build trust among them. Also, the audience feel directly connected to the business as they get to hear the voice of the presenter.

Podcasts are affordable compared to other marketing technique as the location of creating podcasts do not matter, be it an office or home. All it needs is a computer, a microphone and software to edit the recordings. Remember, regular podcasts can help your business in attracting your target audience, thus helping to build brand awareness.  You can even publish the podcast transcript, thus, adding to the SEO value.

Social media content

Majority of people around the globe use various social media platforms due to which they have found a place in the marketing strategy. You may not find another medium to reach your content to the audience  in a short span of time and the benefit is that, you get to connect directly with your potential customers. Remember, your content must say more about your brand while keeping the audience interested. Keep reminding them about what you offer. After about five to six exposure, the audience will surely feel compelled to go for your products.


Copywriting is the process of writing advertising materials such as blogs, newsletters, marketing campaigns etc. The words should be persuasive enough for the audience to take an action, thus driving traffic to your business website. Effective copywriting includes:

  • Attention grabbing headlines that compel the audience to click the link to read further
  • Content that provides just the information that the reader needs
  • Interesting content that helps the audience to easily connect with your business, while building trust and brand recognition
  • Content that tells the audience what to do next, such as signing up for newsletters, click a link to visit a website, social media page etc.

You can implement your own copywriting strategy for promoting your products and services to the right audience. You can use Definitive Guide to Copywriting by Quicksprout as your reference material.


Infographics refers to the visual representation of information. The fact that visuals tend to stay in people’s minds than text works in favour of infographics. As a result, infographics is the most shared content compared to other digital content types. Infographics can include anything such as general information, data, statistics etc. Almost everyone is making infographics these days and therefore, it is important to be creative with your infographics for audience to take notice.  You can also create gifographic, which is a type of infographic, but contains animated GIF images instead of static images like in normal infographics.


E-books consist of large content of a minimum word count of 10,000 words, in PDF format and are downloadable. An e-book gives an insight of your knowledge about an industry and is the most effective way of sharing your knowledge with others.  While creating an e-book, make sure that the content is divided into topics making it easier for the users to read. Remember, your e-book’s title plays an important role in the audiences’ decision regarding downloading your e-book. Therefore, make sure that the title is catchy and relevant.

An e-book with just texts is usually considered not worth reading. Therefore, try to include graphics and make sure that the e-book’s content is formatted well to grab attention. It is always best to create both PDF and HTML versions of your e-book. You can add video and audio to the HTML version.


Rather than using one type of digital content for all of your marketing campaigns, you can use different types as mentioned earlier. These days, content marketing agencies try to experiment with their content with the aim of attracting target audience, increase engagement, and share to others.


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Tricks to Make Your Content Visible to Internet Audience

3 years ago on

Tricks to Make Your Content Visible to Internet Audience

What’s your idea of successful web content?

Most commonly, people think it’s avoiding grammatical errors, placing keywords perfectly and using simple language.

Agreed. These are important aspects of great website content. But, these points alone can’t make it the most successful web content. To say that web content is successful, it should be visible to millions in the Internet. For that, simply posting the content in a website is not enough. You should put some extra efforts so that your content is in the spotlight!

Follow these simple tactics to help your web content earn attention:

Research vastly

More you research on a topic, that much comprehensive your content will be. You should be spending about 60-70% of your total time on research before you start writing. This will help you understand the subject very well. Your research can include infinite number of topics such as present trends, hottest topics, key words that work etc.

Check quality using SEO

If you thought Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was just about inserting key words, you are wrong. SEO can search for the issues that hinder the visibility of your content in the Internet. Seek help from an SEO expert to do that for you would be beneficial. You may need to spend time and money for the same, but it is worth the effort.

Do not stuff keywords

Integrating keywords into your content can have a great impact on web traffic and search engine rankings. But, it doesn’t mean that you must intentionally incorporate keywords into every sentence you write. High keyword density is only going to make your content boring. It’s not going to do any good for you.

Keep it short and sweet

Long and complicated sentences can make any reader dizzy. Internet users in particular, are impatient readers. They’ll lose interest in your content if they see long, tiring sentences and paragraphs. Stick to short and simple sentences that the readers can understand. You can also try methods like subheadings, bullet points, numbering etc. This can make the content appealing and interesting.

Be unique

Research is good. But, it doesn’t mean that whatever you researched must reflect in your content as it is. Try to be different.  You can express your views about the topic in the content. Be natural with your thoughts. But, do not act like a pro. The readers of your content may be anyone from a beginner to an expert.

Add quality images

More than words, it’s the images that attract web traffic. Also, the number of image searches is at a rise these days. Therefore, never take them lightly. The images must be relevant to the content. Also, they should be unique.  Images don’t just mean those placed between texts in a blog. It can be Infographics, graphs, pie charts etc. that go with the text of the content.

Share your content

Nowadays, everybody uses social media platforms to share anything online. Why not use the same platform to promote your business?  You can use popular social media websites to share your content and earn potential customers.

The above mentioned tricks can be used to instil interest among global audience and help your business to flourish.  However, this is not the end! There are many more ways you can use to turn an ordinary web content into something unique.

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