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2 years ago on

Google Updates Material Design With New Prototyping Tools

Google recently updated Material Design with a new suite of design and prototyping tools. Material Design is a combined system that includes theory, resources, and tools for crafting digital solutions. As the new update consists of tools and open source projects, Google assures a system of good design which strengthens communication and productivity.

Google developed Material Design in 2014 as a unified design language for both first and third party web and mobile apps.

The new tools allow designers and developers to work more easily. You can access resources and guidelines faster with the new Material.io site.

With the new Gallery  tool you can easily share in- progress work with a team. In addition, images, prototypes and design artefacts are organized in one place.

Now, designers and developers can make real-time, on-device design tweaks with Remixer tool. You can test and modify the design at much earlier stages of development process with the app prototyping tool Stage.


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Google Updates Material Design With New Prototyping Tools
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